Please help me out with a research poll

I’m applying for college and I need to do an essay. I show how mental illness is misrepresented by the media. I’m making these polls to aid my research on whether schizophrenics are violent.

  • I have never committed a violent act.
  • I have committed a violent act but only because of delusions, or any type of hallucinations that I wouldn’t normally commit.
  • I was homeless at some point due to my illness.
  • I have never been homeless.
  • I participate in charity work.
  • I do not participate in charity work.
  • In your opinion are schizophrenics generally violent (based on what you have personally witnessed)
  • In your opinion are schizophrenics generally non violent (based on what you have witnessed.

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Grey area on all of it for me.

Dad was a Vietnam vet I was kicked out of home and lived on the streets when I first got ill by my mother. Ironically a trained nurse - Were do they send the mentally ill when they are sick the ER as all doctors and nurses are trained in this ■■■■ even have specialized doctors and nurse from the treatment of mental illness. Some reason she didn’t do anything when I first went through psychosis at the age of three. I think I know why! I am estranged from my family.

I have done charity work but am not at the moment.

I was hospitalized going through the psychosis from hell (med change a benzo) before I was violet. My notes from the hospital stay scare the ■■■■ out of me as was threat to the public.

Having done inner child therapy. I understand sz is not so much violet but inner child issues all behavior seems immature rather then violent.

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Anger is a part of SZ, not that everyone who has SZ gets it. If I get overheated I tend to get grouchier. When medicated I don’t get angry as much, just snippy.

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I think “violent act” is VERY subjective and open to interpretation. I have hit people in anger, but not very hard and not any place where it could cause significant harm. I’ve never seriously harmed someone, but I did give someone a bruise once. And what about age? Surely we’ve all committed slightly violent acts as kids, right? What do you think I should vote? Maybe you should consider making a new poll and be a little more specific?

Also, if you can find a study on how common violent acts are in general and a definition on what constitutes a violent act, and then use that definition to do a poll, it could make your results carry a little more weight since you’d have something to compare them to.

I am in the same boat as @anon9798425. When I was a teenager, I used to hit people when they were being mean to me or my friends. Other than that, I have never been violent. Now that I’m an adult, I solve my problems with words.

I have been homeless, and I’ve been doing charity work pretty much constantly since I was a kid.

Much research has already been done as to the question of whether people with schizophrenia are more violent than people without schizophrenia (simply google the question), and what you’ll find is that there is no difference. The factor that correlates most highly with violence is substance abuse.

What research does indicate, and this is something to keep in mind, is that people with schizophrenia are more likely to be the victim of a crime than the perpetrator of a crime.

I would have liked this better if you had qualified some of the issues in your questions so as to give them more nuance. For example, you could have mentioned circumstances of self defense in your questions about violent acts. Also, you might mention the length of time a person was homeless in that question, like for a year? Six months? Two years? A decade? In the question about charity work, you might ask if any of us have donated money or other resources to a philanthropic cause. You might make some distinction about whether or not the sz’s are on or off med’s when you ask if they’re violent.