Please help me get out of this mess

I have been taking invega sustenna for 4 years and really need to get out of this mess since 2 semesters i am filling incompletes and not doing the school work. Each time the injection happens I am experiencing insomnia and i cant sleep.
doctor wants to change me to clozapine might get hospitalized and pay 1000-2000$. Do you think this hospitalization changing from invega to clozapine will solve the insomnia? Will i be able to study on clozapine? I come from a poor country and really need to study to survive since my family counts on education for our survival. Please do help me. Thanks you

For your information I already spent like 3 years sleeping well on invega and 1 year not sleeping In these 3 years sleeping well I have completed my 12th grade and the first year Computer science at American university of beirut but I am going down since 2 semesters and filling incompletes.

There is a theory to not sleeping well

It is that the injection is not being done properly and nothing enters the blood

The second possible cause is that invega is causing insomnia side effect

İ m using invega since 5 years.i don t recommend clozapine for study.clozapine definitely solve your insomnia but you may sleep 17 hours day instead.clozapine also may give dyslexia and concentration advice is stay on invega if you want to study

Clozapine is usually used as a last ditch effort for treatment resistant schizophrenia.

When I became psychotic after lowering my olanzapine (due to side effects) they wanted to put me on clozapine but I refused. There are a lot of restrictions while you are on it, constant blood tests and potential serious side effects.

I switched to Lurasidone and am doing much better. Is there anything else you can try besides clozapine.

Do you think that my brain chemistry changed by now? Do you think I will tolerate abilify again it is a good antipsychotic?

Abilify caused the following in 2017
Slow movement
reduced appetite
Compulsive gambling
False beliefs

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I think you should try clozapine. You can’t keep doing what you are doing now. I take clozapine and I drool when sleeping, and I am a little constipated. It doesn’t stop me from going to the bathroom though. I take 500 mg.

İnvega is good ap.its better to stay on that.if your problem is only insomnia your pdoc may add seroquel to your meds regime.abilify also may give insomnia but its not good for study

Abilify didn’t work on me at all, but I didn’t have any side effects.

I already added seroquel but When injection is not done properly I have insomnia even with 150 mg seroquel

For example tonight I took 150 mg seroquel
Invega 150
Invega 6
Cipralex 5
And its 4 am and i cant sleep

You should not get scared of the side effects when drawing blood, because they check your blood once a month. So they can cetch it early on and you won’t get stuck with the side effects.

I have insomnia too. I take 1.5mg of clonazepam every night before bed. So far that has worked for me.

Thats a benzodiazepine I thought those cant be taken for more than 2 weeks

Then you can try s 3 monthly injection so you can get only 1 week apprx.2 week insomina at 12 weeks

Actually what I am doing is each time I see insomnia i try to change the nurse that does the injection For example last time I did it in a hospital next time I will do it with the brother of my father.

I’ve been taking if for months. It’s the only thing that puts me to sleep.

You can take it for more than 2 weeks, there are people on this website that have taken it for years. The problem is you can become dependent on it (Not addicted). When that happens you can’t just quit because you can have very severe withdrawal symptoms including seizures and death, you have to very slowly reduce your dosage over a period of many months and then quit, you may still have withdrawal symptoms. It was a trade off I was willing to make because my insomnia was really really bad.

No I prefer invega sustenna 100 mg plus 3 mg pill or 6 mg pill depending on insomnia its better

Not invega trinza i dont like that
invega sustenna if insomnia comes i only need to wait 21 days but invega trinza its 63 days !! OMG

What about lunesta did you try that ?? my doctor prescribed it