Anyone here on a low dose of invega injection and doing fine

Any one on a lower dose than 100 of invega?

On the invega sustenna got the lowest rating of them all. That scares me

Invega is a bad antipsychotic. Clozapine is much better

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I can’t change. I just want a lower dose. I want off. But I can’t. I hate my doctor. What an idiot.

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Are you on invega?

Nope I’m on abilify

Invega should not be an option for antipsychotic there is not getting off if you’re screwed

Clozapine was horrible for me Damn couldn’t imagine invega then

Abilify seems like a good one one. My doctor is either an idiot or he did this on purpose. He probably would convince himself that I should be on this. Big mistake

Sorry I need to reduce that’s all I can do I guess

You need to tell your doctor this stuff. I know mine doesn’t listen either tho its frustrating

Abilify caused me td after 7-8 years on it. I take less now and the td is gone. My doc prescribed me cogentin. Not supposed to be prescribed for td. O well.

Hell take away my car. He doesn’t know anything. He’s a Muslim ■■■■■■■. Left me in psychosis for years put me on invega when I was dying. He doesn’t help never has. I’m getting a new doctor finally. I need my car though. I can drive. All psychiatrists probably just look for a reason to take away your car. Hes a jerk

I hated cogent in. They thought I was stiff or something. Gave me dry mouth. Nasty feeling

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Hello there

I am on paliperidone it is same as yours. I get 50 mg injection every four weeks. I have been doing this for the past six years and I never got sick again. But my head doesn’t feel completely alert but it is manageable. I drive take care of my home and my son. I live normal life.

I hope this helps.

Welcome to the community @Rani!


Thank you dear.

I use to be on it but i got off started to give me anxiety after being on it 2 and a halve years i got closer to my family durring the time i was on it because they had to do alot of things for me that i was unable to do im grateful for it but that being said it was not that good

I am on 75 mg invega every 4 weeks. It works better than zyprexa for me. My challenge is to get active, eat healthy and get strong physically. I like walking.

I should add that the injection is free for us in the public health system in Trinidad and Tobago. That is a plus.