Please God give me the power to clean my house

I was doing good for quite awhile every room but the office and spare bedroom is absolutely disgusting. I barely washed some plates but i mean i want to complete all the dishes… i want to wash all the towels… not having a energy drink or soda at all hurts my ability to clean. Please Lord almighty let me put these things away and clean i feel terrible


Make a list of things you need to do.

Pick an easy, totally doable task.

Just start there.

You’ll start seeing progress and motivate yourself after that.

Good luck.


I’ve lagged on cleaning at many occasions. I guess one of the tricks I use to get it done is to not take it on all at once. Like one day I may clean bathroom and kitchen. The next time I clean I might do dusting and vacuming. Etcetera. I’m moving out soon…so I will have to do a lot of cleaning these days!


I know the only thing that works are bang energy drinks or like twelve sodas but that always hurts my heart and causes palpitations.

Ive switched meds like alot its not the meds… i feel like im stuck in a brick coffin with a glass lid. I dont know if this is really negative symptoms i would say its borderline paralysis

Just try to do a small bit at a time. Once im started i usually carry on - and its so satisfying to see the results. I aint perfect tho - when i cant be arsed i bribe the neighbour usually to do the cleaning when shes broke.

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I understand the sentiment, I’ve felt this way many times. I usually wait for a good day then do what I can. One thing at a time. Or set a list of doable goals and reward for each done.

Eg sweep the stairs then have a coffee

But often the reward is just feeling good when a place is clean :blush:

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Choice between hobbie and cleaning - I’ve been cleaning. Still not enough though.

I clean my room 5 minutes a day. Thate usually enough to keep it in order…

I found this app helpful. Recommend giving it a whirl.

Same here…,.,

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Do you have someone you can call? Like, just having someone on the phone with you that knows you’re calling specifically to have company while you clean. Or if someone can come sit with you or help while be even better. A lot of people respond really well to body doubling (having someone else in the room with you while you do a task) when they’re otherwise stuck and unable to perform a task.

My partner’s method when they’re stuck is to just pick up one thing, the thing that’s closest to them at the time, and deal with that. They say that for them, once they get the first thing it gets easier to get the rest.

It absolutely does not work for me, though. I always start with trash first. I put my favorite song on and pick up as much as I can in that 2-5 minutes. However long the song is, then I quit. It’s not very often that I actually feel like I have to stop after one song, but on the days that I truly can’t get much done (vs the days that I just can’t find the motivation to start) it provides a good minimum amount of effort and picking up trash or dishes for a couple minutes really does get more cleaned than you’d think.

My daughter will only get things done if she has a visual list. Also, eat a snack has to be one of the things on the list so that when she gets overwhelmed or tired she can still be working on her list. She also only gets ■■■■ done with body doubling, so I usually sit in her room and talk to her while she’s cleaning.

Well, I had nothing but time today. So it took me two hours on my hands and knees to scrub the kitchen floor. I took several breaks, now I got a clean kitchen floor.


That’s really impressive!

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Yeah, it looks nice.

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You should take a picture. We need a before and after cleaning thread. I don’t know why, but that ■■■■ always motivates me. Probably because I’m too competitive for my own good hahaha

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