How do you get motivated to do chores?

I have a very hard time cleaning the house, even though I don’t work and I’m home all day. I let everything pile up and then I get overwhelmed. I find I am most anxious when the house is a mess, and the more decluttered my house is, the more decluttered my mind is. But it’s so hard to start when everything is a mess! It’s very hard trying to get motivated to clean when I’m depressed, but I’m depressed because my house is a mess. How do you keep up on housework when you’re unwell? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

its really hard

I hire a maid haha

but I do clean it every 2 weeks the morning that she comes…

but really I don’t know what id do without her shes so helpful to me

its $45 to clean my apartment which isn’t too bad to spend every 2 weeks.

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I notice cigarette smoking makes my negative symptoms worse. But I clean my room out of necessity. I live with family and rent a room. I’m expected to do certain things like clean up after myself and it feels good. Vraylar gives me energy.

I have to put hamburger in zip lock bags and throw it in the freezer. Dreading it…

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Listening to music, getting my caffeine fix, taking breaks, those all help me. Set small goals and do chunks. Maybe have someone compliment you.


I have OCD and keep my place super neat,

But when I’m not well,

I let the messes pile up too, then get overwhelmed just like you said.

For me,

Making a list of things that need to be done is the difference.

Breaking it up so that its not just a mess of a house, and smaller doable tasks is so important.

Setting time goals makes me nervous, so I just do what I feel like first,

Once I get going, I usually find its easier than I thought and keep it up.

Just getting motivated to take the first step is hard,

Maybe have a reward for yourself in mind.

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I enjoy cleaning and organizing

I struggle with cleaning house too. Usually hubby ends up telling me something needs to be done before I get around to doing it lol! Otherwise I leave it till one of my good days when I have energy and a clean place appeals to me. :blush:

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I have an app on my phone… its just Samuel L Jackson saying mother f***er with varying degrees of intensity… telling mr jackson you dont want to take out the trash is pointless…

Sorry telling mr.jackson you dont want to take out the trash is mother f*ing pointless

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After you do it you’ll feel so much better. It also helps to have fewer things. Like the room I’m in literally has a couch and desk


Something I found helpful was to make a list of what to do, in the order that it needs to be done, and then do my best to adhere to that list.

If I don’t know where to start, I section the room off into many smaller sections, and I start cleaning up one place, for an example, in front of the bed, or that corner by the couch.


I do only what must be done and I don’t see how cleaning the house is important (unless it is very dirty).

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I’m happy to see you man,

Its been awhile!

Thank you! I moved on a different house because we had too many debts and had no internet. :frowning:

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listening to music a couple cups of coffee is how i start to get motivated but it doesn’t always work. if my partner doesn’t make a list of stuff for me to do i don’t know where to start my in laws thinks its bull crap that i am just making excuses

what are chores?

I’m very happy you’re back!

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welcome back @zeno

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I usually put on some epic music, feeling like a hero fighting a chance-less fight while doing some chores :grin:
Try breaking big tasks into smaller ones, and take a break after you feel you have accomplished something meaningful or just when you feel like it. It might take sometime this way but it gets the job done