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May I ask if anyone feels like they are living in their head? From the beginning, I had “living” ideas and thoughts that I saw before my eyes. Over time, my thoughts seem to have diminished, and now I have them. It started 5 years ago. My doctor thinks it’s depression and anxiety, but I don’t feel that way. I can’t solve logical tasks as before. My memory is bad. I remember events, but I don’t fit into a timeline. My thoughts turned to images in my head. I will come trapped in my head instead of in reality. After 5 years I can still go to work and nobody knows anything. Do you think it’s sz? Thank you very much for your opinion

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I saw you hadn’t gotten any replies yet so I thought I’d offer mine: I doubt anyone is going to be able to guess as to whether you are sz or not sz based on what you’ve offered. Some of what you’ve described could fit into the negative symptoms of sz but could be other things as well. I think it would be a leap to suggest you’re sz. Have you ever had any positive symptoms?(delusions, hallucinations, paranoia)

Hi, thank you for the reaction, I’m just interested in your opinion. I have never had positive symptoms. I’m just wondering if anyone has such problems

I would say then, in all likelihood your not sz. It’s only in about 1% of the population and you don’t have any positive symptoms. I’m not a doctor though so please keep them updated on any new symptoms you have that could change your diagnosis.

As for the rest of your post. Yes, I can relate to the diminished memory…but thats about it.

Thank you for your opinion, good luck :slight_smile:

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Good luck to you as well :slight_smile:

Cognitive deficit may be caused by many causes (anxiety, depression, medication, mental or neurological illness…). With no positive symptoms of schizophrenia it seems the diagnostic of simple schizophrenia would require negative symptoms such as apathy, anhedonia, lack of motivation, etc. But your doctor seems to have ruled out this option.