Wondering if my diagnosis is wrong

I am starting to think that maybe I have sza i stead of just sz. There are so many symptoms that I have

When is your next appointment with your psychiatrist?

Not until feb 23 :confused:

What type of symptoms you have?

What type of symptoms you have?

Yes, because we’re all doctors here, and can diagnose you. :smile:


Oh wow that’s a long time to wait. Maybe write down all your symptoms in the meantime to take to your appointment.

Yeah that is what I am thinking of doing. I am hoping to get another appointment that will be sooner

I wonder the same and Doctors all have a different opinion, Think mental illness and so many people, it is just to hard for anyone to get it perfectly right. Were all different, lived different lives, stuff we did comes back at you, and lots of other things come into play, family, work, isolation.

Should be called Unique Schizophrenia with a touch of a guess

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I can never understand the difference between those two disorders. Negative symptoms are so depression-like and who wouldn’t be depressed anyway with schizophrenia?

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My Dr doesn’t like labeling us with different diagnosis. I once asked him and he said at this point does it really matter. He tends to use the words thought disorder. He did not originally diagnos me. Also my sister that has similar symptoms but a huge fear of being sz. Has had an ever changing diagnosis and I think it’s because her doctors know she would be terrified to be called sz.

I had awful negative symptoms in hospital. The psychiatrist thought it was a major depression. It wasn’t it was negative symptoms.

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@Jimbob when I was hospitalized they diagnosed me with major depression.

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Yeah for me before hospital my doctor thought it was major depression. Because I kept having episodes of these symptoms I was then told I was bipolar.

Took a complete break from reality for them to consider sz (although I had been having positive symptoms for years but never reported them).

its probably best to not go self labeling, anyway if you are sza its treated similar to sz.

I’m probably acting like someone with major depression, but having known some dark depression in the past, that dark cloud inside isn’t really there – guess it’s negative symptoms like mentioned above. I just don’t know or understand whatever illness I have. I’m baffled as to why regular functioning has become difficult.