Please cancel my account

I did nothing wrong and got punished which was both abusive and triggering. As a result I don’t feel safe here. Treebeard continues to defend his indefensible position which adds to the feeling of my being abused and triggered.

I do not want to stay a member of a forum where the moderators dishonestly keep insisting you did wrong, when you didn’t ,through a deliberate misinterpretation of what was actually said.

If an apology is not forthcoming to me within 4 hours for the distress and stress caused me then please close this account.


I am sorry for the distress this has caused you. I do not want you to leave.


Please remain on this forum @firemonkey We need you here

Hey guys what happening to u both guys…just stop it…u both are invaluable member of this forum .
Plz let it go…


Stay with us @firemonkey. You are a valued member of this community. It is good that you and the mods are communicating.

I have noticed with people who are doing well/high functioning that for some reason they often still tend to have cognitive empathy deficits. I guess it’s a trait rather than state thing.

This was misinterpreted either deliberately and maliciously or through lack of intelligence(which is forgivable) as being a slight/attack on all high functioning people. It was a comment borne out of my near 20 year participation here and not just some airy fairy comment designed to antagonise.

It was my observation based on years of experience. People can of course feel free to disagree with me based on their own experiences, but to suspend me for 3 days for an observation based on my own experiences was completely out of order.

One of the plus sides of any mental health forum is the ability to bring one’s experiences and observations to the table in order to stimulate debate and hopefully put others in a better position to understand and support you.

If we are to be suspended for such observations then the quality of this forum greatly diminishes and ceases to be a safe place.


He said he’s sorry…

Now let’s see some more of those great news posts…

I could argue with you for hours about this, firemonkey. Whether you think I’m malicious and abusive or just stupid, I still see it as an attack on people you dislike on this forum. As I said, I apologize for causing you distress. If you want to keep discussing this, please send me a PM and include the other mods if you’d like.


Rather than immediately cancelling Firemonkey’s account, the Mod Team has proposed in a PM (and Firemonkey has agreed) to suspend Firemonkey’s account on a two week trial basis. If Firemonkey still feels the same after the two weeks, we will honor his request and anonymize his account at that time.

This is standard protocol when folks request cancellation of their account, as we find that folks will often change their mind about leaving the forum. Of course, even if someone’s account is anonymized, they can always elect to return to the forum and create a new account.