Staying but a lot of uncertainty

As to whether the mods really want me here. They have failed to give a totally clear message that they do. I confess I don’t do well with ambivalence.
Have decided to give the benefit of the doubt for now , but any further abusive/ unreasonable behaviour and I’m gone.

Why don’t u join @ozymandias forum

I would like to give it a go

Moderator decisions. Please don’t create more work for us by discussing them on the open forum. Moderating is stressful enough as it is.

For the main reason I don’t consider myself high functioning. I am neither occupationally or socially high functioning.

So are bad decisions for the person subjected to them.

I will keep trying to avoid them.

@firemonkey I’m going to be blunt and unambiguous. I like you and I enjoy your posts. I do not like your prolonged questioning of Mod decisions nor do I like your continued threats to leave the forum if the Mods don’t do what you want.

I genuinely hope you stay on the forum. I really mean that.

With that said, the next time you request deletion of your account (if there is a next time), your request will be honored and your account will be anonymized.
Of course, you would be welcome back anytime and would just need to create a new account.

I will also be blunt and unambiguous. If Mod decisions are unfair and unreasonable I see it as my duty and right to speak out.

As for threats surely you are not dishonest/stupid enough to think that that is any worse than the abusive way I was treated in the first place?

If you want me here do the right thing and show some moral integrity. If you don’t want me here, and can’t show some moral integrity, then ban me.

I see no crime in standing up for what is right. If you see that as wrong then obviously this isn’t the place for me.

No @firemonkey the Mod Team is not playing that game. It is entirely your decision as to whether you decide to stay on the forum or to leave.

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