Cancelling account

Is there an option for this? Given comments on the atabo thread i think perhaps i should .

Dude don’t overreact we like you here you just singled someone out. I wonder some times to specifically what is up with atabo. Dont feel bad just don’t single people out it’s not nice. But don’t leave you post some of the most informative things about schizophrenia you’re well written and formal. Just put it in the past maybe ask the admin to remove the thread.

No way, Jose. Don’t leave.

I personally, did not judge you for asking. You wanted information, so you asked a question. That’s what we are supposed to do.

We are one big extremely dysfunctional family. We help each other. Do not leave, it will NOT be the same here without you.

Hi firemonkey - I don’t think you should opt out either. You posts are some of the most informative and interesting. You were just voicing your opinion.

I do agree that @SzAdmin should probably just delete the thread.


We need your recipes on here. :cookie:

No please don’t cancel @firemonkey, you are a valuable member and all you did was voice an opinion. We all have opinions. No one judges -

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Don’t let whatever happened make you want to leave. idk what happened but there’s really no reason to leave.

I agree with BryanAshley.The first thing that crossed my mind when I read this is overreacting. Maybe bridgecomet hurt your feelings. So take a day or two off until you feel better. Don’t give up because of one criticism. But also, have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”? Sure people will miss you but it will be mainly yourself you’d be hurting by leaving by not being able to take advantage of these forums.

Don’t leave firemonkey. I look forward to reading your comments.

I guess thinking that some people now think i’m a bad person. The only way i would have wanted him banned was if he was a troll. The general consensus is that he is symptomatic and i am not wanting this to be a forum only for those who are doing reasonably well.
I will ask for the thread to be deleted.

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You have the right to be here too. I disagree with you, but I still support your right to say something that I disagree with from time to time. Some days you might disagree with me.

The way I deal with posts that I don’t agree with or find disagreeable is I follow hospital rules: mind your own issues, because everyone is suffering from something different.

I have to conquer on my own a rainbow of feels (feelings) on here: envy, wrath, automatic eating(gluttony), lust… you know the 7 deadlies. It’s just a part of the social cycle which I am proud to experience on here, and it’s important that we uphold that experience for everyone.

I would hate to see you go firemonkey. So please stay.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

Try not to think black and white, I think you did the best you could at that moment. You don’t need to leave but just deleting the thread will do.

And most importantly,

I’m touched by this and I’m glad to be part of the forums where there’s such a well-meaning and kind member like you. It’s hard to tell whether a menber is a troll or just symptomatic over the Internet.

I have been on forums where i have gone through a difficult patch and found myself banned just at the point i ironically needed more not less support. It as though on some forums you are expected to be relatively stable/well. It’s good that it takes exceptional circumstances for someone to be banned at sz…com unless they are a troll.

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I really hope you stay firemonkey, you are a very valuable contributor here, we need you to stay with us, please do stay.

I do hope you stay. You had every right to wonder. I never thought troll when I read his post I think, “Poor guy, word salad has hit him hard”

But @firemonkey you are a very valuable member to this forum. I appreciated the discussion and it was nice to see how many open minded people are on here. This really is one of the most supportive and kindest forums that I’ve found.

I completely agree with Wave on this one, it was just a discussion and please don’t feel bad. No judgement. I really hope you stay on. Your articles are informative, and your input has helped me a lot.

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