Pissed at my friend

So I was talking to my friend on google hangouts and he told me I was living a lie (that I don’t have schizophrenia, that I have spiceophrenia). I tried to tell him he is not a doctor.

The conversation switched to if I was gonna work out that Friday. I told him no cause I didn’t feel like it.

He put in all caps you lazy ■■■■. Then he blocked me. I haven’t talked to him since that Friday, he still has me blocked.

Is it just me or is he acting like a baby? He is a gym nut and anyone not doing as much working out as him he considers lazy. But to block me, wtf?

So now it is monday and I am still blocked and getting pissed off about it. I am not about to grovel, he blocked me, not the other way around.

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People are often scared of what they don’t understand.

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I know people like this. They feel you should act and be as they do. Completely normal no mental illness controlling your life.

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He just needed an excuse to block you. Just drop him like a lead weight and move on.


lol I laugh at gym rats. They are so superficial and insecure about their bodies that they absolutely must diet and workout five times a week and have a six pack to feel good about themselves. These people aren’t much better than the typical loser.

Thank you for the replies. He definitely feels like others should act like he does, work as hard as he does. He has no work life balance. One fulltime job and 2 part time jobs yet he makes enough from his fulltime job to support himself.

As far as an excuse to block me, I think you are right. I was telling him that most people don’t regret not working enough, they regret not spending enough time with family and friends at the end.

He is a good friend and I have known him for decades so I’m not gonna drop him like a lead weight. But at this point it is really up to him.

He doesn’t sound like a good friend

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