Online friends....there’s a block button

Find it really obnoxious when my online friends not from this board start harassing me because they literally have nothing better to do. For weeks on end just abuse abuse abuse. Then he says “sry I’m bipolar”. As his excuse when his drinking binge Ends. Yes and I’m schizoaffective bipolar type and I don’t use that lame ass poor not an excuse for being an ■■■■■■■. You don’t even know what bipolar is.

And gleam gleam there’s a freaking block button. I don’t HAVE to deal with your abuse you’re a horrible human being but that doesn’t mean I have to put up with it. Bye.


Well alright then

And that’s the end to our relationship.

I’ve dealt with this guys chronic alcoholism and careless (but purposeful) abuse for 10 years now. Back and forth. Coming at me. Then sucking up. Then coming at u when ur most vulnerable. Then sucking up at other times.

Not a friend actually

Fool me a trillion times…shame on you. Fool me a trillion and one. Shame on me…


I’m glad you blocked him. What a jerk!

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