Schizophrenia and Piracetam

CONCLUSION: Piracetam, a member of the nootropic class of drugs and a positive modulator of glutamate receptor, may be of therapeutic benefit in treating schizophrenic patients in combination with typical neuroleptics. However, a larger study to confirm our results is warranted

I just tried aniracetam, which is more potent than Piracetam. Some members have tried noopept, which is stronger. But it can cause dissociation, which I already have and don’t want. Aniracetam is known for improving mood and lowering anxiety, that’s why I picked it.

The glutamate hypothesis keeps coming and going. It’s ascendant again owing to some new research published over the last few weeks. (This article at NCBI is 16 years old.)

The profession knows that glutamate deficits here and excesses there ARE a problem, but hasn’t yet come up with a way to get the levels balanced in the locations where they need to be balanced without creating high-level sfx rather like even worse sz… or Parkinsonism.

The link below leads to another older article that explains it in a nice way: sz as the diametric physiological opposite of Parkinson’s disease, just as Robert Sapolsky (at Stanford) regularly proclaims in his excellent lectures on YouTube.

The problem with this study is that it was done almost 20 years ago, and really no studies since then on this compound. Seems strange to tell you the truth.

1 Study, with only 14 people doesn’t mean much - so I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions about its effectiveness. Right now you’re just doing an experiment with this stuff and your body: