PIP (UK) Benefit up for review

This is really stressing me out. They said Jan 2023 before, but I got the letter today

I filled out what has changed

Now I just need my case manager who’s a social worker to provide a decent letter

Why do these things all happen at once!


That’s the way my life is at the moment. Everything happening at once.


Here you need a letter from your pdoc.

I hope your social worker writes a good report.

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My s/dau recently filled in my review form. It shows the utter contempt there is for the disabled that in order to have something resembling an adequate standard of living you have to jump through proverbial hoops.

No one asks to be disabled. It shouldn’t be up to getting PiP to have an OK standard of living,especially if you’re long term disabled.

Yet there are those who are fortunate in the genetic lottery of life who think they’ve deserved being well off while being disabled is seen as a ‘character flaw’ .


Totally agree. I would really like to do something more active in campaigning for better standards of living for people with MH issues who can’t work. I feel like currently PIP just isn’t written with us in mind at all.

It was the same with DLA.

Perhaps, but DLA was a more flexible. My psyhaitric nurse’s advice was to answer the questions for how often my issues affects me as “it varies” (because it does). Where as now they want to know a specific amount of days per week/month my issues affect me. And its just really not an appropriate metric.

Yes- there may have been more flexibility but it was still geared far more to those with physical disabilities. That’s what I mean re ‘same with DLA’

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When I went to my ESA assessment the assessor said he could see I was severely disabled and got awarded it. I was in and out 10 minutes… Said if he’d seen the letter from my community nurse before I attended I wouldn’t of been called to an assessment.

With the PIP I got awarded high for both without an assessment for 7 years.

I’ve been on benefits since I was 17 (now 36) and the ESA assessment was the first assessment I had to attend one. was always paper based for incapacity benefit, ESA and DLA, Now PIP.

Living in a 24/7 staffed group home has its benefits.

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Dont stress over it. You have probably got the review form early - cos i can garuntee they will take a minimum of 5 months to come back with a decision. And they still pay you in the meantime.

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I’m dreading my review, which is due in the coming months. I used to be on highest for both components of DLA and once for PIP, but then when I was manic I cancelled it all. I’m now on the lower component of care and I’m dreading the process, it’s so drawn-out.

I wish you all the best with yours, hopefully your dr will write a decent report that reflects your care (and mobility) needs.

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So long as you can wangle an NHS letter off your care team - i wouldnt worry.

Last year i literally only gave one word answers on the form, and blow me down they upped me to Enhanced.

Hell - Lay it on thick if you have too. You should always write them as if you was on your worst day anyway.

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