Pip result- better than nothing

Qualified for standard rate care and no mobility .Assessor only gave me 2 for engaging face given that I am socially isolated and have difficulty with social interaction this should have been 8. Got only 4 for mobility when should have scored 10 under d. Cannot follow the route of an unfamiliar journey without another person, assistance dog or orientation aid. 10 points. Given that I had told the assessor I needed people with me on unfamiliar journeys and this was confirmed by my brother the assessor’s decision was patently dishonest . Still I’ve got something.

The mobility decision was ridiculous. To go up to London to see my father at my sister’s my brother has to come down from London and accompany me there and back. This was pointed out at the assessment so no excuse for the assessor’s decision. I can not manage unfamiliar journeys on my own . The problem with navigating/sense of direction is so bad that I am even restricted to where I’ll go within my home town.

I found out I was completely covered all of 2015 by Obama care because I am a veteran. That’s comforting to know.

I think on both sides of the Atlantic there are those of a sociopathic nature who support the abuse of the disabled and blaming them for the 2008 economic crisis. I am glad you are covered @crimby


When I got PIP they just spoke to my CPN and I didn’t have to go for a face to face assessment. They scored my points differently to what I put on the form, I scored points for sections that I didn’t even say was anything wrong with me. For example I scored points for dressing and undressing, washing and bathing, and making budgeting decisions, which I didn’t say anything about.

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I think the letter from my nurse practitioner wasn’t a great help. When my nurse practitioner sent me a supporting letter it was brief ie stated diagnosis and that it was likely to be chronic and enduring. It didn’t help that she said I had been receiving treatment since 2002. Hence the “likely to be chronic” comment . Actually first saw a pdoc end of 1973. First hospitalisation 1975. The letter I got from a pdoc (NP was off work due to illness) for ESA was far more thorough. It included things like stating I had very poor social skills , a limited capacity to live independently in the community and problems with going too far from home. I did write to the NP for a letter with further information as to my illness as she had said I could do but got no reply back. I can only assume admin at my mh clinic didn’t pass the letter on to her. If they(DWP) had contacted her she would have provided the additional info. She said in the supporting letter I sent them for them to do so if necessary . I can only guess they didn’t . This seems to be typical of DWP dishonesty.

For those going for PIP on mental health grounds I think the object lesson is not to write asking for further information to be sent to you but to actually phone the NP/pdoc directly as there is a good chance admin will choose not to pass on the letter.

idk what i’m going to do, i just got a new pdoc and he has a very strange name that i have never heard of before and i am very worried about that bc i dont even know if he was trained in this country and what is his english like and i also have no cpn and i just have a support worker as i was denied an occupational therapist :frowning:

i’m hoping someone i can trust will give them a description of what i can be like at my worst bc thats what you have to do i think.

I hope you can get good help when it’s your turn.

they sound like a really untrustworthy bunch that are unwilling to take your word for it and need professional help to deal with claims, its like whats the point of talking to us if they dont listen to us? and why couldnt your psychiatrist put in a good word about you? isnt he on your side? i’d be really pissed off if i was you, i’d be wanting to appeal tbh.

Having posted on a FB disability and benefits group and got feedback I think my chances of getting a change of the mobility decision are very slim. Apparently I would have a case if I could argue cognitive effects due to the illness/side effects of meds.
Unfortunately this is not the case cognitive issues including poor sense of direction being present but connected more to a comorbid but as yet unrecognised,undiagnosed and untreated non verbal learning disorder.
It is one of the downfalls of not having a truly holistic mental health system, but one that predominantly focuses in a narrow way on textbook diagnostic symptoms.
It results in substandard care and in this case has an effect on the benefit claim .
I guess I will just have to get used to being let down by the system . It’s not as though it’s something new.

I get a poor ability to sense the passage of time, is that similar in a way to this? I forget the month, sometimes the year…don’t get me started on the individual days, I can’t keep track. I have a horrid time with appointments, have to plug alarms into three devices and all my internet browser calendars just to make it on time…post its are stuck all over my bedroom door to remind me of doctor’s appointments…I even have a whiteboard for reminding me how many times I’ve taken sarcosine that day.

My sense of direction is okay, I mean, I used to deliver in a car, so I know north from east to west and can navigate accordingly, but my sense of time (if not space) is all messed up. Interesting, maybe these two are connected?

I am not sure about that but don’t dismiss the possibility. I did a cognitive test online a while back set up by a university professor and scored 1 for timing with highest level 6 .

The report says "Timing

The timing part of the assessment looked at
how well you could keep tapping to a beat even
after it faded. It can tell us how good your
sense of time is.


Do you find it a struggle to keep time?
Do you find it a struggle to keep time?Do you find it a struggle to keep time?Do you find it a struggle to keep time?Do you find it a struggle to keep time?

Your assessment result suggests that you could
find keeping time difficult, this means you
might find it hard to keep a beat or rhythm in
your head or judge periods of time.

Some people find it difficult to get to places on
time or struggle to finish work in the time set.


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rats, ok. maybe my mind just linked time-space together like they’re all associated with another.

I do that a lot with abstract concepts for some reason.

I also go off on tangents realizes I went off on a tangent on your thread on pip results and is sorry

By the way, that is really dishonest of that evaluator to do that to you. Is PIP for the UK or states?

I think we all go off on tangents at times.It’s par for the course. PIP is for the UK I am not sure you have a US equivalent.

Hi Firemonkey, as per usual I suspect that the interview is more a case of how little they can justify spending rather than how they can help those in need. Having left the mental hospital after a section 2, I went to work two weeks later for fifteen years contributing full tax expectancies from the government. Sadly I couldn’t keep it up… psychosis plus work is draining and I broke down. Now I need support back from a system I contributed to but receive very little. I had a PIP meeting too and was psychotic on the day. I clearly need help over and above daily living because psychosis makes living hell. I feel able to get in the shower but stress about who is watching me in there. This morning I had people insult my body from around the globe. Shouldn’t there be a daily stress compensation?

It’s because they are cowards. The government wastes TONS of money and is crooked to the core, but cowardly little sh*ts are too afraid to try to stand up to the government. Corporations outsource so much economic blood it’s insane, but the same cowards can’t even handle selective purchasing in a protest. They wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced. So they just look for whoever seems to be the most vulnerable and go after them again (the mentally ill, physically disabled, homeless people, etc). It doesn’t require any thinking, any effort, any inconvenience, anything. It’s basically a larger scale equivalent of, “My boss scares me and I can’t stand up for myself, so I’m gonna kick my dog.”

I think you are right. The systematic attacks on the mentally ill are a moral disgrace. We have a government for sociopaths run by sociopaths
Did you get PIP or are you in the process of waiting to hear? I hope you got or will get a positive result.
The PIP form itself which is primarily geared to the physically disabled shows how the mentally ill are regarded as 3rd class citizens with the physically disabled being 2nd class.
The questions are so limited with regards to mental health and its effects that you can be quite disabled by your illness and still lose out.

A part of me is glad I got something but the stark reality is that I have had an income cut and will be worse off than I was 4-5 years ago. A lot of disabled have been even more unfortunate in previously qualifying for DLA and getting no PIP at all.
It seems to be government policy to reduce the living standards of the disabled. With regards to mental illness PIP shows the talk of parity of esteem and better care for the mentally ill is a steaming pile of horse dung.
Doing your best to impoverish people and reduce their income is designed to stress vulnerable people and make their conditions worse. We have already had the deaths of many disabled due to these vicious and sociopathic attacks .

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This is so true. The working poor especially should be taking a stance against the rich and poor working conditions and wages but instead many of them attack those less fortunate. The only people doing well and seeing a massive increase in their living standards are the rich especially the super rich. These are the one’s putting two fingers up to society and saying " f*** you ".


I got £55 per week. You are absolutely right that mentally ill citizens get disregarded. Our support is minimal and our needs are great. What has happened to our value system in a society which spends more on warfare and useless nuclear submarines than helping those in need. Look how the rich can legally avoid tax and conglomerates can take advantage of cheap labour. Animals and wildlife are not looked after, environment is spoilt, food is now not about vitamins but addictive artificial colouring in sugar that’s quick and easy. Hobbies are alcoholic and festivals are for ripping people off. Happiness is taught from material belongings. Families are individual’s and men and women judged by their looks. Everything is about instant reward, cheap and easy.