I'm going to be awarded PIP without face-to-face medical

The disability benefit people rang my supported housing manager and ask her some question about my aggressiveness when out in public when I’m psychotic and having overwhelming paranoid delusions/ she asked what’s the protocol and my manager said they don’t let me out unsupervised. I was peed when they wrote I was aggressive as I’m not violent but my manager reassured me that aggression can be verbal… My manager also said I don’t need support in the community when mentally well. It is noted I have severe social anxiety in the letter. I’m hoping I get award high rate mobility,

I’'m from the U.K. for people unaware PIP is a disability benefit. It has been increasing hard to get it with government cutbacks…


Good for you! It sounds like it will be a good thing.

That’s excellent that you aren’t being interviewed. I had to apply for it last year when I got switched over from DLA. I got high rate care and high rate mobility, but only for 18 months so I have to reapply next March.

Good luck with it, although it sounds as though you have a good chance of getting it.

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That would be GREAT if you get it! A HUGE help!

Can I ask did you get high mobility because you MH difficulties are all the time in relation to going out in public or is it a fluctuating condition.

I haven’t got the result yet, just been told don’t need to attend face-to-face. I’m hoping for high mobility. I now know it isn’t as hard as it was before to get. I do have problems with social anxiety (my community nurse wrote it as severe social anxiety in PIP letter) but the anxiety is fluctuating. I can fake being confident in public but I have a pre-planned conversation in my head and if it doesn’t go to plan I get worried I made myself look stupid in front of people and I catastrophize about how I looked stupid. this will stop be going out in public for days and days.

Also when I’m psychotic with paranoid delusions I have been accused of aggressiveness in public. I dispute this as I’m not violent but my supported living manager said aggressiveness can be verbal aggression.

If I’m honest I’m hoping for high mobility.

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The condition is fluctuating. I didn’t leave my house for about a year because I thought that people in the school next door to me were spying on me and testing microwave weapons on me. When I relapse this gets bad and I can’t go out unless my partner comes with me. I also have social anxiety.

I’ve been doing a lot better over the last couple of years and started a part time job (which is going badly) a couple of months ago so I don’t think I’ll get the mobility component when I have to apply again.

It sounds to me as though you have a good chance of getting high rate mobility.

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Bloody well done mate! I never had a face to face either for my PIP. I never applied for mobilty - as i can actually go out most of the time with no problems - i just choose not too most days.

I seriously doubt tho you will get high mobility. From experience dealing with them you will be lucky if you get low. Still a nice wedge every month tho.

Nice one. Rog.

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