Pip claim progress

I got a text saying they have received my assessment report and will make a decision.

Does this mean I don’t have to do a face to face?

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I would assume so mate. I got me pip,and never attended a medical - and havent done for nearly 25 years. If they got your Dx of schizophrenia on file - they should “write you off” as its considered as a life changing chronic illness.

Dont quote me tho - But i reckon your in the clear fella.

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No, they will review it and then say if you need an assesment or not. I think it might be based on how bad the claim sounds.

Just make sure your supporting evidence is really good… Like it supports all the main points for your case. Wen I got pip, this is what they say made the big difference

Yea u might still get face to face u might not.

Yes they will make a decision of whether or not you need an assessment first and move rfom there.

Sorry - but i dont reckon he will have a problem. Unless your working part-time, then they can use that to say your capable.

Maybe i just got lucky with mine - but so long as hes got the right documentation, i will be surprised if he gets a medical, with a dx of schizophrenia.

I had a dx of schizophrenia when I applied both times denied. Don’t believe work should affect the claim but not sure?

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Also, i was called in for assessment both times… work was not mentioned on my forms.

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Good luck @Joker i am also in the process of trying again.

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Well Tbh - you saying that - im really not sure then. @Joker is under the same NHS trust as me - so im just going on my experience.

Im sure part of it is luck of the draw. Im sorry you never got yours.
We need someone from the DWP here to post on the quiet - to see how they make their minds up! lol.

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I also think from what others have said around the web sometimes they deny by default and don’t expect you to take it further… but if you ask for a reassessment you might be lucky on that same claim.


Btw I live in London and i didn’t know its trust based decisions ??? Interesting to know. I am in the process of applying again this time i hope i am lucky if not i will appeal

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@anon80629714 I just recognised a few names that cropped up in his area. And some trusts seem to have more willing people to write definitive letters to the DWP thats all.

Yeah - Appeal it. I hope you get it. All Schizophrenics in the UK should be entitled to PIP.

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I had no face to face assessment when I got DLA, but did when I claimed PIP.

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Compared to some people here the supporting letter done by my nurse practitioner,for PIP, was very basic. Some mental health workers are not very helpful, while others are.

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I got a detailed letter from my nurse practitioner. He also spoke to the PIP assessment people on the phone.

I tried this time last year and got denied. The assessor wrote that I had short hair. Not sure what that has to do with anything

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