Pet rats! Yay

I’m so excited! :slight_smile: After years of pleading my mom has finally agreed to let me get rats. I’m going to rescue some that are a couple months old from someone I know who works in a lab. They couldn’t use them for their study and they would be killed otherwise :frowning: I have a lot of experience with rats so I’ll be taking good care of them, and I think having something loving around to pet will be therapeutic as well. I’m definitely going to train them to sit on my shoulder like I did with the rats somewhere I used to work. I think I’m gonna name them Lulu and Lola. Anyways the only hitch is that my apartment doesn’t actually allow pets…so I’m gonna smuggle em in :wink: Ehehe. They’ll never know…


I should get some guinea pigs, I love those guy’s :smiley:

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I used to breed rats as pets, they are awesome like mini, naked tailed dogs really.

So true. Very affectionate. The rats at the place I worked at for a while would run up to greet me and then give me tons of kisses. I’m sure since I’m getting former lab rats they may be a bit shy at first but I’ll give them treats until they love me lol

When I was a kid, we used to get baby lab rats from one of my dad’s friends They were albino rats (white with little red eyes) and pretty smart. Made great pets.

Back then, you couldn’t get nice pre-made cages from the local pet store so my dad made elaborate cages for them out of glass aquariums with handmade wood and mesh lids. We also had gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs.

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I love me a good rat.

are rats srs kind of like dogs?

Yes! Very playful, affectionate. Can learn all kinds of tricks. They’re really nothing like other rodents behavior-wise.

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I wouldn’t put them on the same level of dogs, personally, but then I’ve also never personally bonded with rat. I did used to know someone who had rats, though, and they were very smart and social. He had huge, naked ones, they were honestly so ugly they were cute.

They’re the dogs of the rodent world :smile: how’s that? Anyways we had a naked rat at the animal science program I used to work at. His name was Lucky because he’d originally been intended as boa constrictor food, but the snake didn’t feel like eating him so he got to live! Ha. I never liked him much, he’d instantly poop all over you if you picked him up.

I’ve had pet snakes so maybe that’s why I’m reluctant to think of rats as pets - that would feel messed up, like one pet eats other pets. :confused:

I think though that’s also why so many people are willfully ignorant about the intelligence and bonding capabilities of pigs, since we eat them all the time.

So it probably does humanity some good to have unusual pets.