Pessimist or optimist.....which one are you?

Before my illness i was optimist, when i became ill 2 years latter i became pessimist, i cant change it, i just see the worst on everything.

I started out an optimist and ended up a pessimist. It was the logical thing to do.

i am an optimist now, i inject humour into everything ( i try to ), otherwise i would not have survived this long…
you can change your mindset , i know because i used to be like you.
take care


I have my bad days and my good days. But most of the time I’m an optimist.

Optimistic but hopeless

Definitely a pessimist. I always fear the worst . Even if things turn out better than expected the next time i still fear the worst.

Optapest pro nothing

I’ve maintained optimism through most of this illness. The first few years were definitely pessimistic, but I learned that I need to be positive to stay alive and to get better. So far, it’s worked.




I’m in Radmedtech’s boat on this one. Pessimism the beginning of that downward spiral for me. I have spent too much of my life being negative. It only made me sicker. Not anymore. I fight it off as hard as I can. I try to stay away from negative thinking.

It can all go bad if I let it sink in. I still get a little worried when I wake up and start feeling negative. But I have a person who has my back.

Sometime I don’t realize I’m in a negative space but if I roll of three or four negative comments in a row my sister will calmly ask, “Ok, now I know what is bad about the day. Can you think of anything that is good about it?” That will sort of let me know I’m sliding a bit.

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I try to be objective about myself and yet optimistic about my day.



When you hear voices 24 hours a day and for 7 years, you do not become optimistic about the future. The idea of the future is pure hell. In fact, you don’t want anything to do with the future because all it means is more voice hearing. You also dislike the present. Many things are disliked when you hear distressing voices all of the time.

I am a different person now that I have sz and hear voices, mostly having less interest in things like movies, music, people, sex, etc. That said, I can be optimistic about some things…but not many. I can’t even think of precisely what I’d be optimistic about, but I’m sure there are things.

Really, 60% of my world is about hearing voices. I am made to think about what’s being talked about, and I react to various things that are said. The other 40% is actually what’s going on in my world. I am really only 40% present in any given conversation or thing that’s happening as my voices overwhelm what it’s about.

Anthony you are definitely an optimist, I am glad you are here on these boards for support.
I can be a pessimist, I cannot solely blame it on my illness - I was raised in this kind of environment. Im trying to be more optimistic about things. Its the better way to go.


Pessimist for sure. I’m not really sure I have ever been any different.

I think there was a post about this recently…but first of all I am pragmatic. That means I do what needs to be done and that’s all I see. I guess that makes me an optimist, I do look at the good in things, rather judgmentally but nevertheless I think more optimistically than pessimistically.

If I wasn’t obviously optimistic, I wouldn’t be here, aware and in control of my condition. Crappy weather makes me kinda down and sometimes pessimistic. Warm weather gives me more life and makes me more eager to meet challenges like school and lifting weights. In the winter I just force myself to endure the crap but in the summer I feel very alive and generally more optimistic and happier when I wake up. Maybe I have some Seasonal Affective Disorder going on, but I don’t feel actually depressed, just less happy than when it’s nice and warm and sunny.

I think that I spend most of my life in the middle. I am an optimist until something happens, then I become the worst pessmist. My life is a constant yo-yo. The voices are loud and up in my face or they are quiet. In the past year they have been quiet the most is three days in a row. Something always happens. But I have always been a planner and a dreamer and eventually throughout all my distress I end up ok.

i just think this “whatever will be, will be”