People,are you positive or negative person?

I used to be a very negative person but through experience and people around me I become less negative although I still often had negative thought,but I want to try and be a happy and positive person

What about you,are you positive or negative person in general?share your story here

I seemed to be always negative about life at one point but it turned out to be a real downer for myself. I realize if you live with a positive mindset life can be much more enjoyable. Thinking negative will just make things a lot more worse for yourself.


Both. I’m sometimes positive but sometimes negative, depending on the situation/my condition.
I see some ups and downs as normal part of life.


Negative all the time. Don’t know how to be positive. :pensive:

for baked beans …a kitty to help you feel better…


Usually I’m positive. I try to be positive for other people but some times when it comes to personal issues I can be very negative.


Being positive makes life much brighter and more enjoyable, and it really isn’t that hard to do.

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Negative all the way.

I find the happiest most positive people tend to be four year olds, morons, and psychopaths.

And i don’t think positivity makes anything better at all, thats like forcing yourself to eat something that you don’t enjoy.

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I’ve been very negative in my life and my life sucked. But then the most optimistic person in the universe moved in with me… my sis. It’s hard to keep being negative around someone who is usually so cheery and positive… except during finals.

So, she really helped pull me out of my negative mind set and the more positive I got, the better life felt. Now I work one keeping my positive attitude.


I’m a negative person - until I am in a crisis and panic, then I try to be positive in self-talk to save myself

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Now that I am less depressed, I have been more positive - depression breeds pessimism


Nina Simone: Feelin Good

I listen to this song when I’m feeling negative. It’s become my positivity anthem :slight_smile:




Im a positive person. I generally encourage people and try to help, but my brutal and barbaric use of language might make you think I am negative, but thats just my demeanor. When i say “SF schizophrenia”, thats better than saying “SF me”.

I have to be positive, looking back can be crippling for me due to trauma and nasty ■■■■ from the past. I might be the only person on here who encourages people to hate schizophrenia, but for me it works and so it is positive.

I see schizophrenia as a threat. Like white blood cells, they attack bacteria or whatever, I use my mind to attack my malfunctioning brain.

I tend to be negative . Possivity is something I am working towards.

I’m a positive person. That’s not to say that I’ve never been negative, I just make the little corrections that get me back on the right path. The first book I read at the beginning of my recovery taught me how to be positive. It is necessary for success.

All people have both negative and positive tendencies. I heard somewhere that it is like a battle between two wolves. It is the wolf that you feed that wins.

I know that sometimes it feels safer to be negative, but you have to put yourself out there to achieve anything.


At least their happy.

It takes most babies (and adults) approximately 4 attempts at trying new foods before they actually like them.
More foods are an acquired taste, so it don’t hurt to keep trying something new.

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I’m a person…

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thanks mortimermouse. you are really encouraging and inspiring.


unfortunately i am a negative person… much to my husband’s dismay… he is always critizicing me over it and threatening to leave me over it… he insists he will not live in negativity … though threats and badgering probably are not the best way to create a positive person… just my opinion…



@jamesgirl,i wonder why does your husband treat you this way?my opinion is that maybe its your illness that creates your negativity not you yourself

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