Are you optimist or pessimist

I would say that I am optimist, what about you?

I am both. Depends on the day

I am an optimist too,not guarenteed but I try to be optimistic

I am a Nihilist. And don’t accuse me of that cause it is the reality of existence.

People are ■■■■.

Society are bad.

Existence is Suffering.


So yeah, in your definition I am a Pessimist.

Optimist by choice.

On most days I am a pessimist , but every once in a while I surprise myself and become an optimist.

Usually i am and try to be optimistic. Sometimes i am a bit pessimistic but then i remind myself that im being pessimistic and then i try to find an optimistic way.


I have a lot of both. I can be very pessimistic philosophically. I won’t go into why, because that might depress people. There are some things about which I am very optimistic, like the improving lifestyles for humanity due to technology. I can get angry about the things that make me pessimistic. I blame God for them.

I am also looking forward the development of new technologies to improve our lives, for example this forum is a good example, just 20 years ago or less people did not share their experiences of their mental illness with other people, but now the Internet enables this and much more and it has also become easier to use, for example some elderly people who knew nothing about computers in the 1980s, are currently doing their banking and other activities on the net.

Depressed optimist


I’m not sure I’m an optimist. I think instead I’m hopeful.


For depressed some happy music :smile:

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Ahah that song reminds me of happy times. Thanks for that. Like on the new hat profile pic!

I like the seasons of the year, can wear different clothing, it is my early winter look in the pic, not enough cold to wear my fur hats, well the winter will come, different shoes, hats and other clothing, and then when the winter is over, it is the spring look time :smile:

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Yeah I get that. I also like my clothes according to the weather. I just have one hat and I use it in autumn. Ill post a picture when the season really starts. Right now its still too summerish

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Depends on a bunch of unimportant and random conditions and floating thoughts.

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We’re gonna hold you to it minnii

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I am an optimist about humanity & it’s progress in general, as well as spiritually (positive about God being Good, creation going to move forward & into better states, etc.).

But, when it comes to my immediate circumstances in life & day-to-day living, I am quite a pessimistic person toward myself. I WANT to be doing things, even simple things like listening to music, but I don’t have the drive or motivation to do anything on most days. Silence IS Golden, but sometimes it feels soul-draining.

Optimist of all the little things

Both - at times extremely so.