Personality disorders?

I’ve been re-diagnosed as having a mixed personality disorder with (Anxious, Avoidant, Dependent traits) but nobody has even explained it to me, idk what to do,

How can my dr tell me that i have been misdiagnosed even though i was sick for years and its all in my notes, how can he say i never had sz after 15 years suffering (stable 7 years)

I got a letter from the gp from my psychiatrist and idk what to make of it, talking about when i came off meds but that it had a positive effect and failing to state why i had to start taking meds again, idk he must be stupid or something.

anyone any idea about whats wrong with me bc i dont know now lol

I also dont exactly know whats wrong with me. I think doc just thow all that have any sign of mental illness into one pot…saying"thats not a heathy person"


i feel like there is nothing wrong now but i know there is :frowning: i thought it was just the disease but now its my whole personality thats not right :frowning: i thought i was a nice person but now its like idk what is wrong with me, am i good or bad :cry:

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I think the President has a personality disorder.


i’m not like that guy jayster :frowning: i hate that guy :frowning:

its also a bit weird bc i’m worried people are thinking why am i on here now and they are not replying to me directly but then that might be bc i changed my name and they hatE me anyway and just did it to annoy me :confused: its fkd up, maybe thats part of my disorder to think that way :confused:

I’ve got several personality disorders. I don’t give a f*ck. Screw 'em if they can’t take a joke.

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I dont even know what that means crimby, i am questioning everything now its unfair, i thought i had a good grip on my illness and now its like i am back at square one with something else and everything i thought i knew is supposed to be wrong

I was joking. There is a lot I thought I knew that has been called into question by me.

Why do you want to be sick so bad?

It seems that your doctors are telling you you’re better off than you think,

That’s a good thing.

You said you’ve been stable for seven years, now they’re saying you may not need medication,

Those are all great.

Why does it upset you?


You’re whole personality is not flawed. Stop it! And you can still post here. If you have anew diagnosis, which I would get a second opinion, then you’ll find out about that and learn to live with the illness the same way you did with sz. It’s going to be alright.

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i was diagnosed with schizophrenia but the people i regularly see dont seem to think i have it. i get that its frustrating to get conflicting answers but it doesnt change your experience and the symptoms you have. it doesnt mean youre not sick, it doesnt really change anything and i wouldnt stress too much about it

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I don’t know if they can be diagnosed, but I think Trump has some moral issues he needs to straighten out with himself. Like when he said the people of Puerto Rico want their recovery “done for them”. I mean, they had just been through two catagory five hurricanes. Of course they’re going to be a little dazed. Also, when he went after John McCain’s war record Trump was way off. Trump was a draft dodger. He found a doctor who he could get to say he had bone spurs. McCain spent five years of heavy torture in North Vietnam.

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I dont care about trump, he is a douche bag of the greatest order (only thing he has ever been good at)

I don’t like talking about myself all the time but this has been bugging me, i have been trying really hard to dealwith this the last month or two but its really starting to affect me,

I have been forgetting doses i think, maybe my memory is going but i cant remember my last pill even though it may have been this morning, if i go mad then that would show them that i wasn’t misdiagnosed but that would be stupid and i don’t want to ruin everything that i have built up until now,

its hard to make sense of things so i have been just trying to ignore it and not think too much about it, trying to keep my composure and do the right thing :confused: i feel on edge tonight i think i’ll take a pill.

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i mean seriously, how would you know if i had a personality disorder :frowning: i always thought i had a good personality and most people that i meet likes me :frowning:

do you know how i come across on here? i use to go by the name daydreamer, everybody is like ‘oh that guys an ■■■■■■■’ :frowning: i wasnt perfect is all i can say but who is? :frowning:

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A personality disorder doesn’t mean you have a bad personality. It means you have certain behaviors that cause certain difficulties.

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We all know who you are,

You have a distinct style.

It sounds like you’re thinking of destabilizing yourself in order to prove the doctors wrong.


Is this really all about your benefits?

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its not really :frowning: its a lot more than that, its really fking with my head :frowning: i feel like voldemort is messing with me or something :frowning: i really dont need this right now, its like they have flung a spanner in the works :confused: like idk why my p/doc would do this to me, he is risking my mental health :frowning: playing sick games with my life

Read about them, even if the diagnosis is correct it doesn’t mean that you are a bad person but that you have problems with anxiety in social relationships.

Furthermore I agree with @anon54386108, who cares about your diagnosis, you are what you are, there are no cure for sz or pds only symptomatic meds and only your pdoc will know about your diagnosis…


No one is doing anything to you,

Your diagnosis changed.

Its not that big of a deal.

If anything, it’ll prove to be a positive thing.

Further down the road you may be able to stop taking medication or start working.


i was hoping to stop meds but i dont think i can, bc i know i have got sz even if the dr doesnt think that, after everything i have been through i dont see how he can say that i was misdiagnosed all along,

despite all of this i am still looking for work anyway but this hasnt helped, i was getting on quite ok with my proper diagnosis, i didnt see any need to mess with things