Personality disorder

Does anyone else here suffer from a personality disorder? I’ve been diagnosed with schizoid personality

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I’ve been diagnosed avoidant but I don’t believe I have it. That was a while ago.

I used to think I was a narcissist but my therapist assured me I’m virtually the opposite :grinchface:

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Borderline here, nice to meet you. :blush:

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I have some OCD with my Sz…

I’m very picky about ‘order’ around me. Everything has to be in it’s proper place around the house. If my wife moves something of mine without telling me, I have a heart attack.

I’m also a real fidgety dude…always pacing and smoking or tapping my feet…etc.

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Axis 2 ftw???

I also have some ocd

Axis wth? Lol… Our psychiatrists are usually not so generous with providing an extra info about one’s diagnosis.

Earlier we were watching football and my mom was on the couch and it frustrates me she was in my pacing space

I also count to 3,12 and 15

I don’t know why ocd is a personality disorder it’s more of an anxiety disorder

Thanks but still doesn’t make sense to me…

When I’m manic… my OCD shines through.

When I’m flat… my avoidant side is noticeable…

I was rediagnosed as personality disorder NOS(later changed to paranoid PD) in 2005 under somewhat dubious circumstances ie(1) new pdoc into psychological interpretations for behaviour symptoms (2) Was on bad terms with the mental health team(faults on both sides) and branded an awkward,demanding,troublesome patient. Such patients who are disliked are often foisted with a PD label that reflects pdoc antipathy towards the patient © It also coincided with my telling them the meds only partially worked. What they didn’t know was I was only taking them 40-50% of the time.
If they had kept the original diagnosis and tagged on a PD it would have made more sense. Although I have the paranoid dx,and am prone to paranoia, I actually fit avoidant much better.
What made the radical change of diagnosis strange was that only 2 years previous, I later found out, I had been branded as lacking insight for questioning things re my then diagnosis.
So at that point they were utterly convinced I was schizoaffective… Then along comes a new pdoc who sees me for 2x 15 minute appointments and voila change of diagnosis.

I’ve been diagnosed with schizoid and avoidant personality disorders.

I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder as well as sz, but my present pdoc doesn’t think so, he just says I have sz. But I do have borderline traits like self harm urges.