Personal/ antisocial issues?

I’ve never had a basis for regular attention. Especially through childhood. My parents were extremely neglectful leading to my PTSD. I’m attention seeking to a point because of it. Not in the sense of doing crazy acts to receive said attention. But to the extent of wanting to be noticed and loved. In my case I have no close friends or friends at all and I feel like it makes that part of my condition worse. I don’t enjoy being that way. But I’m either jealous or hurt I don’t have what everyone else does. And it makes me feel even more inhuman. I already vision and feel things a normal person doesn’t, and now added with an aspect of lack of attention/friendship it makes me feel even worse. I’m no good at making or maintaining relationships because I feel like I subconsciously push everyone away, maybe for the betterment of them. I’m in a point where I thrive emotionally off of relationships with others but I’m terrible at making and maintaining at the same time.

Most schizophrenics live in social isolation, have long-term unemployment, have lower life expectancy and some other aspects. 20% do well, 80% do not.

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I have been like that most of my adult life, not really a good way to be. Makes for a lonely and odd life

Yeah, no doubt eh?! But hey, gotta live with what you’ve been born with.

That is a catch-22. I find it hard to deal with people myself for very long, they ask so many questions and Im not good at small talk for more than a few minutes. I have my husband and I depend a lot on him for interaction.

Keep looking, you will find someone you click with eventually, someone youre comfortable around. Maybe you will even find a group of people.

Probably for start make some friends here,

It isn’t like I don’t try. And I’m not trying to degrade your comment because I agree. I just feel like it so impossible sometimes. I either can’t socially interact or overthink what I say/write that I make myself a recluse.

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Right? It’s inevitable but I’d like to make it enjoyable while I can.

As long as you are happy with yourself? Do you consider yourself to be odd? I know I do and when people want to get together, I’m a bit awkward and lack social skills

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Were you so from childhood or it’s sth recent?

I’m extremely odd and awkward and would rather be alone yet I crave to be with others. It’s painful to want something like that but to be unable to accomplish it.

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Childhood I guess. Ever since I can remember.

I do the same, but i’m so odd now, I think people can spot it

Right? And I feel like trying to hide it makes it that much more obvious

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Yes, Some already knew that they are not suitable for the society. Although I feel so bad for them.

Schizophrenia is caused by genetic and environmental factors. Schizophrenics behave differently than regular people that do not have the disease. Family members of schizophrenics wish for the best care and treatment of their relative.

Have you ever done any sacrifices for your friends or done anything for them to feel comfortable beside you?

I have friends…well only my bros friends, but they count as my friends too. I try not to act odd in front of them as much. My bro gives me heads up before I talk to his friends and I always take my pills before I go out. But im the quiet one so i dont say much, but only a few words to say there and then. I get isolating, but sometimes you get tired of that and I try to open up.

I am 39 and I only had a few real friends in my life despite the fact that I really need to be around people and I don’t feel well to be lonely at all. I have always done a lot of effort to get friends but it never worked, I don’t know why. People don’t seem to be interested in me and it hurts. And the antipsychotic doesn’t help at all because it makes me more introvert, less chatty, less emotional, less funny, etc.

So I would really like to have friends and I need it but at the same time I’m unable to get any. I feel really bad about that. I often think about that because I try to find the reason why I can’t get any friends and I don’t know at all what it is.

have you made friends at work? or share a common interest.

I made like 5-6 friends from work we go dancing together, we have a common interest.