Personal abilify review

Today has been one month of adding 10mg abilify to my 3mg risperidone.

Still have episodes of voices, but they aren’t as bad, easier to shrug it off, can distract myself easier. No angels, no crowd of dead picking on me.

Still have simple hallucinations at times, walls moving and breathing, floor shifting, shadows etc. but no complex hallucinations, seeing the dead, past family members and pets.

Mood is great, it’s a bit of a pep pill. Given me energy. Making it easier to do things. Easier to be in public. Not everyone is staring at me, talking about me and judging me, they don’t all hate me, as much.

Been walking on the treadmill.
I just feel better over all, and I think I’m still getting my serum levels up. Hope this continues to build. Might ask to to lower my risperidone, and up the abilify, in a few months.

Anyone else want to share their Abilify reviews?


Wish i could say the same.

This med made me gamble all my money away. No jokes.

I also couldnt sleep on it as i saw white zigzag lines everytime i closed my eyes.


Ouch, not the med for you. Sorry dude!

It gave me tardive dyskinesia so I didn’t take it long enough to see if I was going to work. But I take it’s cousin rexulti and it works great.

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Didnt work for me.

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I’m not a big fan of abilify, I did some impulses purchases as well, thank god they didn’t bankrupt me.

Besides that, I did poorly in college. At the time I was more active but I wasn’t as productive as I was when I was on risperidone. I also do clozapine as well…
I had tardive dyskinesia and it was very uncomfortable while I was on the bus or even at classes…

Long story short, I gave up on abilify and started again risperidone and since I have some trouble sleeping and started to feel more depressed my doc prescribed me agomelatine which is great for sleeping and depressive disorders.

Good luck with abilify, I whish you the best :wink:

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I have had no problems with it, no urge to gamble or buy anything

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It made me binge eat and purge. And manic as well. Terrible med for me.

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It’s been great for me. Did give me TD, but not bad enough to treat. I’d rather have tics than psychosis.


Its been a good drug for me the last three years.

It did give me just painful amounts of anxiety,

But my doctor gave me another med to combat that.

I feel like my personality has fallen a little flat and I’m almost sure it caused me hair loss.

Still, altogether, its done a great job of keeping my symptoms under control.

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Im only using 5mg a day and that works great for me. Only side effects are that I need more sleep and my hands shake sometimes. 7.5 mg makes me depressed and 2.5 and the symptoms come back. I alsof take a lot of supps like: sarcosine, melatonine, 5htp, arginine, lycine, Alpha gpc, omega3, zinc. They say melatonine and Omega 3 works for TD.

Abilify also gave me multiple addictions like to gambling, shopping, weed, sex, drinking and eating. It made me agitated, irritable, nervous and impulsive. Also I had psychosis while on it, either it wasn’t effective or it was the weed. I lost over 100 000$ because of Abilify, my parents helped me pay my debts because I emptied my bank account.

It did improve my negative symptoms but this is useless because side effects were life threatening.

Are you only on abilify now?

Overall I had a garbage experience.

It worked for my paranoia only and no other symptoms, strangely. It gave me terrible akathisia as well as frequent twitching in my hand and mouth. It destroyed my attention span, pretty much anything more than 5 mins and I could not focus anymore it was miserable, I couldn’t even watch 20 min TV episodes or a 10 min long YouTube video.