Anyone on abilify

I have a doc appointment Thursday. I have been off meds for a year. I would like to try a new medication. Abilify looks good I guess. Anyone have any problems on this med?

I experience mild sedation / non-energetic moods.

Most ppl are different, and find it stimulating compared to other AP’s.

I suffer from restlessness and anxiety. I’m on the lowest dose possible for schizophrenia (10 mg).

It interacted very poorly with me. I was on 10 mg but I experienced the side effects at the lower starting doses as well.

-Bad restlessness and anxiety (which shot my attention span)
-Made me achingly hungry
-Gave me tics (mouth and finger twitching)
-Barely impacted my psychotic symptoms
-Going off it sent me into a severe depressive episode that ended up w me in a hospitalization program (though to be fair I quit it cold turkey)

-Didn’t gain weight
-Helped a lot with my depression (worked well as adjunct to Zoloft)

is that the same as ambium?

Nausea & vomiting so had to go back on olanzapine.

I think it might have also caused anxiety, but I’m not sure.

Although I have a friend who is on it and swears by the injection version, but he is sza!

I am on what is basically Abilify 2.0, the sequel. It is called brexipiprazole. It works really well, I take 4mg. I get it for free from the program they have for people who cannot afford it, it is new and very expensive, simply too expensive.


If you are doing good without meds and feel safe I would not get back on them. Generaly as added as second AP for “activation” didn’t work at all for me I mean I was still sleeping for 16-18 hours. As solo AP was giving me akathisia, heavy anxiety, extrapyramidal symptoms. It;s also very overhyped drug. Presonally know guy on that who swears that it works great for him and got no side effects while his akathisia is very visible and also is unable to focus on anything for a longer while.I was very hyped for that, tried it, didn’t work so I’m extra salty. For a while that was that wonder drug which was giving no side effects, was given patients with depression as anti-depressant, has no weigt gain effect. They are still heavy researching for AP which work on so called negative symptoms so I suppose it wasn’t that wonder pill. Sorry for ranting.

What are the side effects like?

Never heard of that. Interesting!

It has minimal side effects

How in comparition to side effects of aripiprazole?

I got nausea and vomiting last time I was on Abilify.

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Is it your birthday today? Is that what the cake symbol means? Happy birthday!

Forum anniversary, as I’ve not added my birthday details to my profile?

I also got drug intoxication twice while being on Abilify 30 mg. On two separate occasions that is.

Happy anniversary!

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I’m on Abilify, it works okay for me. No real side effects that I’ve noticed, though I’ve gained some weight on it. I’m experiencing positive symptoms again though, so I might want to talk to the doc about upping it.

Less incidence on paper of akathisia which is restless leg, also a clean profile for cholesterol and blood sugar, relatively speaking.

The main side effect for me is the paperwork and hassle to get my hands on a bottle of it- in all seriousness, I am really lucky to have access to it.