Permanent end of day hallucinations after l dopa and amphetamine

I hallucinate moving specks and flying shadows every single night now about hour or two before go to bed. I never hallucinated before. It started after I used l dopa and amphetamines, but now I stopped using both for months but hallucinations continue. I also get sleep paralysis now maybe once a week and never did before

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Have you spoken about this with your doctor?

No because I want to be prescribed amphetamines and don’t want to tell them something that would compromise that. My negative symptoms are extra severe. They’re not vivid hallucinations, just specks and shadows for split seconds. I would be willing to live with them in exchange for losing my negative symptoms.Just curious what the cause is, wonder if I sensitized some of the dopamine receptors?

Is it possible you triggered temporary or even permanent psychosis? If you did I would humbly suggest not to worry about the amphetamines. Just tell your doctor what is going on. Cause if that is what happened you need help right away. Whatever you want the amphetamines for ask yourself it is worth the possibility you could hurt your brain permanently.

I’m on wellbutrin for negative symptoms and the sacrifices I’ve made is now having insomnia, strangely vivid dreams, and sleep paralysis a few times a week. it works similar to amphetamines

Honestly I think it is worth it. I have worse negatives then most schizophrenics I think. Life is not worth living like this. My brain is already messed up and I don’t want amphetamines I want dopamine agonists that are safer but they won’t prescribe them so I have no choice but to use amphetamines. I dont think I triggered psychosis as my thoughts haven’t changed it’s just these minor hallucinations when I get tired.

That could honestly be anxiety, like being hyper vigilant. I think the eye is suppose to filter out seeing specks. Like if you looked at a contrasting color like a blue sky I’ve seen millions of black specks they look like flys

Amphetamine works wonders for my depersonalization, but I need to sleep to stay healthy! Seroquel is great for stimulant induced psychosis. These are my two favorite medications.

It’s like if I’m reading a book before bed one of the parts of a letter will move for a split second and then I’ll see something move on the wall

Did u get prescribed an amphetamine? And how?

Do you take your antipsychotics in the morning or before bed only? Maybe they are wearing off by the evening. I used to have that problem for quite some time and it took me a while to figure it out.

For ADHD. It’s the best thing for my dispersonalization, focus, and depression. Rare for most, but it’s just me.

I don’t take any APs. I’m not on any meds right now. I was just taking amphetamines and l dopa for negative symptoms only simple schizophrenia. I currently am not experiencing any positive symptoms ( haven’t in almost a decade)

Currently taking Klonopin and invega Sustenna. But I’m definitely going back to Adderall XR and Seroquel 300mg. My secret with the Seroquel is to not take the whole thing, just enough to fall asleep and if I’m having symptoms take a nibble off of it. Works best for me this way. My Klonopin is decent, and invega is a great antipsychotic. But invega gives me agitation.

Does it still work good after u built tolerance? And do u ever get heart palpitations while on it?

If you’re hallucinating you are having positive symptoms. Maybe time for an AP.

Yes tolerance builds up but it still works for me. I don’t recommend Adderall for people with primarily schizophrenia, unless they have ADHD too.

I couldn’t take an AP unless I started getting delusions again. Seeing moving specks and shadows doesn’t bother me enough to take APs(Wich will make my already extreme negative symptoms really get worse). I’m realizing the hallucinations aren’t real. These minor hallucinations aren’t functionally impairing me like the negative symptoms are

Good thing. I mostly see other people so I can’t really tell when I am hallucinating. I didn’t figure it out until I saw a little girl I spoke with come into the room through a wall. Then I figured out most of the horrible things I had memories of and experienced during my psychosis weren’t real.

So it’s good you can tell. APs don’t help with my delusions though. I still have them. Just hallucinating.

Did they seem identical to real ppl? And how long did it take before u realized they were fake?