Permanent end of day hallucinations after l dopa and amphetamine


Ya. They seem like real people. I didn’t hallucinate when I first got diagnosed. I just had delusions and negative symptoms.

Then I quit taking my APs and that’s when I started to hallucinate.

It took me about 5 days off of APs to figure it out. I caught on when I saw the little girl come through the wall and a chair but it was a scary few days leading up to that.

I religiously take my meds now. Hallucinating scares me but it still happens from time to time if I forget to take my meds in the morning.


I have to be honest. I never thought I was sick before I realized I was hallucinating and then I thought that I had been drugged. And it still took me about two more years to figure out I was really sick

And another theory I had was that I was never psychotic to begin with and taking antipsychotics and stopping them made me psychotic.

But now I realize those were more than likely just delusions but I very much believed them at the time.

It’s good you can get along without APs. They are powerful drugs.


That’s interesting that your positive symptoms got worse after you had taken APs and stopped. Taking the APs must have upregulated your dopamine receptors in that part of your brain so that when you stopped taking them and dopamine was able to bind again it now had more receptors to activate.i know some ppl take APs for a while to get rid of amphetamine tolerance for this very reason


It would make sense you would get worse after taking them and stopping. Assuming your APs were full dopamine antagonists, cutting down on dopamine activity would cause the brain to upregulated those receptors as a result


I really don’t understand the science involved. I have just figured out that the APs work for what I need them for.