Gardening Thread May 2019

Hey guys, so yeah its a great time for planting stuff in the garden, i have planted some veg , beans and salad leaves at my community garden on Friday

and I bought a couple of plants for my little bit out back of my flat, i have a very small piece of garden to tend compared to the others.

also helping my mum with her garden, it was full of weeds so we cleared a lot of it last week and i said she should get something for her borders, i’m supposed to be cleaning, painting and protecting her patio as well :confused:

hows things going in the garden? anyone been out?


I mowed the weeds in my back yard today. They have taken over since I let my lawn die three years ago (we had water rationing due to a drought). This year we had a very rainy year so the weeds in my back yard are thriving. :smile:


i like it when it rains bc i can say ‘at least the plants are getting a drink’ we take water for granted esp here in Scotland, its been raining here all night, its nice when that happens.

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me and my gf planted some wildflowers, lettuce, snow peas, zucchini, tomatoes, spinach and some peppers.

I water the garden, we made the garden to get me out of bed so I was forced to do something.

the spinach doesn’t seem to want to grow but the other stuff seems okay. Its a patience game.


I have a few plants om my balcony. i have flowering plants this year. Some vines. I need to get my p-nuts started.


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