People: You can't live with them and you can't live without them

They are a mixed blessing.


They drive me crazy but I love them


They drive me crazy too. But I don’t love them, I just like them a lot.

I find them interesting but hard work.

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What’s the differenceLol

Yeah, people, and we’re one of them. Did I ever mention that I drive myself crazy?

There’s a big difference between liking someone and loving them. I’m saving all my love for my family and my next cat. But I have had friends who liked me and I liked them.

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Well depends how you look at it. I love other people and I love my family. Though both in different ways.

Well, that’s where we are different, I don’t really love other people, not even the closest friends I used to have. I realized years ago that I would never fall in love because if I gave my love to someone and they left me it would destroy me. Love is a powerful thing.

I dunno i think I’m the same as you I never try to get attached but it’s still love in my own lil way

my partner I can stand, I love her with all my heart. I care about the people on here. other than that I kind of dislike people.

Someone asked me about a year ago what was one word I would use to describe people, and the first word that came into my head, and that I stand by, was “dangerous”. People are dangerous.

Even dangerous people aren’t dangerous all the time.

Even the best people will hurt you sometimes.
Don’t get me wrong, there are people I love, like my husband and my son, but they unwittingly hurt me too. Everyone hurts.

You can’t live without them

SO wanting to prove you wrong on that one.

You can live with your people.

They are just like you.

To my surprise, I’m discovering that I need at least some, human company. I thought I was totally independent of that, but I’m not.

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Man is a social animal.