In general, do you like people?

Because I’m discovering that the reason I don’t do more is because I just don’t like people.


You can’t hate everyone just like you can’t like everyone.


I think I need to break it down to how I feel about individuals.

Depends on the people.

I don’t like or hate most people, I just don’t care about them. Why should I? Like, it’s not malicious or anything, they’re just not in my observational sphere that I have to pay attention to them or anything.

I only care about the people I have some familiarity with.


I think I mean what attitude do you have when you have to deal with the public or with a stranger.

I love people but many can’t stand me and I think I’m a empath so I feel their hateful vibes towards me so I avoid them.

I have social difficulties still.

I can be with some people I love for a couple hours then I need lone time.

The haters I can’t stand a minute around nor those supressing me and trying to boss me around.

I think I love everyone even those I don’t like.
I love Seinfeld but I don’t like friends and I’m not so keen on Jennifer Aniston but love Julia.

I can’t work with most people because they talk down at me and I’m not ok with that and or they give of hate towards me.

One of the biggest reasons I can’t work is because I can’t stand to be around most people.
I have difficulties and some people I can’t function around while others I can function around but only a couple hours.

I can’t be with loved ones more than a few hours either.

I could be with my x 24/7 .

I need lots of time alone so I’m at home in bed a lot.

I believe I love everyone but I don’t like everyone and I can’t stand to be around many mainly if I feel them hating on me.


The withdrawal and lack of interest in people socially/ or strangers is one of the central problems of my illness. I don’t know why I am scared of them. I don’t dislike them.

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I don’t like ppl cos I don’t like myself

I dont know, i think my disorder messed up my feelings.

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It depends what vibes they give off.

I like to say hello to strangers but if I feel hateful vibes coming at me I may keep quiet.

I love strangers and the public but it depends on them.

Some people are jealous of me because they work hard and still can’t afford to live in this neighbourhood yet I don’t work but can afford to live here because I get cheaper rent.
Jealousy can make the jealous one hate the one they are jealous of.

I love mostly but those that hate me or boss me about or talk down at me I avoid.

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If I were well enough to be in public, I’d just have a neutral expression. I’m not the type that can sport a smile for no reason. I’d try to have decent posture though, that seems to color interactions pretty substantially. Predatory types pick on those with weak posture, but tend to not engage with people who look like they know what they’re doing.

Club or workmates, ideally try to keep your mind pure, no intrusive thoughts, and just go with the conversational flow. Try not to dominate it too hard, or talk about yourself too much. But schizophrenics are at a huge disadvantage since their minds are so noisy, and it feels like everyone’s reading their mind anyways. Really messed up situation.

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I like all people…

I try to be kind and nice to people, because most people are nice in my opinion. But as SacredNeigh7 says it depends what vibes a person gives. Kindness and respect is a mutual thing. Just have to be present in the moment and do what feels natural. Can’t really have a general rule about how to interact with people because every situation and person is different.

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I like people however have a hard time understanding them and am often wrong about their intentions

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I have some trust issues so I am wary of people… when I meet someone I like or connect with I can get attached way too fast…if I feel a weird vibe from someone I keep my distance

People make the world wonderful, they also make the worst bits of it.

I wouldn’t have one without the other. I can’t claim to love people without understanding their flaws.

I think people can elevate life to the extreme, and do the exact opposite. I try not to get hung up on the bad bits.

I like many of them, as long as they will stay at a bit of a distance. I feel safer that way.

Uh, less and less. And more and more.

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Not really. I’m really into this time travel delusion thing and convinced myself heavily of it. I just trust 5 people in the world – my immediate family.

Everyone else screwed me over in my past lives. I feel like a targeted individual and I don’t know why. It stems from July - October 2011. Unknown reasons or past. I just know the world changed for me and I became disabled. Not sure why.

In college, a few people claimed and said I didn’t like people. I noticed people gave me dirty looks and stuff and I don’t know why.

I think nobody gives a ■■■■ about a college drop out and especially a male these days. My family can handle so much.

I became delusional that I was John Titor and I used those posts to believe they could help me and that I cannot trust anyone in this world.

Even the aliens had it out for me.

I get memories of past lives in dreams like almost this reality except I cannot move like Donald Marshall said about clones, but it’s either dark or I’m in a room and I cannot move and I have anxiety. I’ve been to worse places though in my past lives.

For instance, I’ve probably been to 2021-2023 before several times. I think I can see possible futures but am not an oracle or prophet. I also don’t write the rules lol.