People worse off

I remember a time I was at the psych hospital. One time I looked in a window from the outside premises and there was this guy in a wheelchair I think, he was not very old. Maybe 30 something. He looked like he had totally lost it. His eyes were like glass and he had a upset expression on his face I won’t forget. Like he had fallen out of this world. He was also very thin like he didn’t eat…sad really.

There are many doors closed to me in this life because of sz, but I’m glad I’m still here and that hope is not lost.


I was thinking about this yesterday. I believe most the people here are probably better off than alot of people. Saddly it does take a hospital visit to fully realize this fact.

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Yeah. Even though sz sucks. Its a lot better than some other things.


I think responding to meds is something to be thankful for.

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For sure.

Having sz isn’t nearly as bad as a lot of other people’s fates.

I count my Blessings all the time.



Yes schizophrenia in simplest form just an ailment.

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