Schizophrenia is a m*****f*****

it is so sad for the course of a life to change so rapidly in the worst way. the stigma and seeing what someone is going through from the outside make it even hard to accept even if you are informed about it and have it yourself. my case is alot milder than most, some may not agree but luckily i have not gotten into much trouble or been hospitalized but i also have a sibling with it and it is much worse for them. they had a much better chance of being successful and living a good life (mine started at age 15 so even as a kid things were derailed)but since their sza emerged in their 2020s things are drastically different.
i am practically symptom free now and began treatment within months of first episode starting but im not sure if theylle ever be fully stable as there has been not much change since the start 3 years

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Yeah, it sucks. My life has gone to ■■■■ since sz. Even with the positive symptoms all gone, all I do is sit around. No motivation whatsoever and I get no joy out of anything. But what you gonna do? All you can do is try to make the best of the situation.


you can’t compare yourself to someone else, even the closest of you.

I hope you’ll take something from the outside.

I bet you are highly successful, but maybe symptoms are getting you down. Can you explain what you’ve achieved?

sending you virtual hug, from Daze.


im not successful in the real world, i have some personal achievements im proud of even if they are little to most. but to society i am low as im not working or doing much in life. i dont really want to compare myself to my brother, i just think it sucks that he ended up being homeless and in and out of hospitals, even tho we didnt get along most of the time and i have some things that he did long ago that stuck in my mind that still enrage me sometimes i think it is sad that for the most part he’s not fully in control of his life with severe sza

yeah just gotta make the best of it. i dont have much motivation but will have to force myself to do alot of things to maintain a stable life

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with treatment and good care, things get better?

please don’t perpetuate the myth that the homeless are all mentally ill. I’ve worked with many, and the reality is that the belief of failure

supersedes what society tells us. in other words, we’re are own worst enemy. please see Redefining Your Inner Critic.

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