People with severe mental illness live shorter lives – but the solution isn’t simple

People with severe mental illness, such as psychosis or bipolar disorder, live on average 15-20 years less than the average person – which is one of the key health inequalities people face in the UK and worldwide. But although programmes and initiatives have been created that aim to help people with severe mental illnesses take control of their health, these targeted interventions often fall short.

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Well I’ll try and calculate my life expectancy:
Base is 74 in my country
Minus 20 for severe mental illness
Minus 10 from smoking
Minus 10 from family run heart problems
Minus 5 due to possible diabetes and overweight
29-34 is my life expectancy, I can’t believe I will die in 3 or 8 years, my health is poor, maybe it’s for the best.

time does eventually run out


I know it’s dark but sometimes I find this a comfort. Like, I only have to make it to 60-something . . .

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I don’t plan to live long.

With the way things are currently I might be buying some rope to finish myself off.

I am just waiting for the right trigger to come about as I firmly believe that a successful attempt needs to have a strong motive to do it properly.

I found a very informative website to assist, but i won’t share it here as probably a bit inappropriate

Darling fade to black please please don’t kill yourself.

You are a valued member here and should be alive to write with us and remember things can get better.

Don’t lose hope.

Maybe suicide hotline information is needed here.

Sorry to hear (read) you so negative to your future.

I was tortured by voices 24/7 for years and later had delusions that made my life worse but things got better.:open_mouth:remember things can get better for you aswell.

I want to be really old with my boyfriend I hope to marry.

I just feel redundant.

I am sick of being fine for a few months and then crashing and being off work again.

At least this time I don’t get put into hospital as they know I hate it.

I will hopefully gather the courage to do it, just a matter of when.

I hate to talk about this here, but that’s just how I feel at the moment.

My head is in the lions mouth and he is starting to crush me with his sharp teeth and it hurts

In working you’ve done better than I’ve ever done . That’s to your credit . Talk to your pdoc about how your feeling.


I know this may be controversial, but I view old age to be not exactly a terrifying concept, but at least something that could potentially become a nightmare. I don’t want to die in a similar manner as a dementia patient at an earlier age due to mental decline so if thats what this is saying is going to happen thats terrifying.

I feel that euthanasia is something that should be talked more about because end of life care can be very cruel and elder abuse is a huge problem. If I could put down my dog because I think their standard of living is in such decline that they can’t possibly go on any longer or it would be cruel suffering I feel a person with sufficient foresight and consensus with a medical professional should be able to end their own life humanely.

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LS! In a couple of weeks I am going to be a 62 years old man. I am on the right side of the happiness curve. I am already past the average of 59 years of life for a male in the Western World. Methinks too many articles do not stress bad genes, but blame smoking and inactivity. But thanks a lot Firemonkey!

What med finally stop your voice?

Working is great, but I find it very hard. The psychologist thinks I am autistic after we have talked about my daily interactions at work and how it affects me.

If you haven’t done so already I suggest you join . Lots of people who could help you there .

Or if just a British site but less active

I joined Wrong Planet, but I wasn’t sure if I was welcome without a diagnosis of ASD

There are quite a lot there waiting to be assessed/self diagnosed/ thinking they might be on the spectrum and checking things out . It is not mandatory to have an official diagnosis before posting . I joined and posted several years before I got my diagnosis .

Ok thanks @firemonkey I shall go on there later, My user name is Fadetoblack

I don’t plan to live long either because I have a recessive genetic disorder and my heart will atrophy, like other muscles, and I have a higher risk of cardiomyopathy.

So…nope. I plan to live as well as I can. I’m okay with any age, be it age 30 or 40.

No medication stopped the voices they stopped by themselves but olanzapine and latuda stopped the delusions I had years later.

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Hope I get atleast some years as a pensioner.