Life Expectancy

Life expectancy among those diagnosed with schizophrenia and even bipolar is shorter than the average.
I wonder why? I say its the antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, minor tranquilizers that are doing a lot of physical damage.

Cardiac issues, Cancer, Liver disease. Kidney disease. Diabetes all are factors -
I am all for psychiatric medications, but man as I am getting older - my physical health has been affected.
Our life expectancy is about 12 to 15 years shorter than the average - I say its got to be the meds.
Wish they would make safer more effective meds - I have got to talk to my pdoc about what my medication options are - Diabetes is taking its toll on my physical health.

A new study from Lund University in Sweden shows that the average life expectancy of men and women with schizophrenia is 15 years and 12 years shorter respectively than for those who do not suffer from the disease. The study has been carried out in collaboration with Stanford University in the US.

The reasons why people with schizophrenia have a shorter life expectancy have previously been unknown, but have been much discussed in recent years. The research report that has now been published shows that individuals with schizophrenia are more likely to die of two major diseases.

The study followed over six million individuals from 2003 to 2009, of whom 8 277 had schizophrenia, by analysing the Swedish population and health registers.

The results show that people with schizophrenia had contact with the health service over twice as often as people without the condition, but they were no more likely to be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease or cancer.

“Yet we saw an opposing pattern of death from these diseases. It is clear that the health service is failing to diagnose cardiovascular disease and cancer in these patients,” says Jan Sundquist, general practitioner and professor at the Centre for Primary Health Care Research at Lund University.

Women with schizophrenia were 3.3 times more likely to die of cardiovascular disease and men 2.2 times more likely. Women with schizophrenia were 1.7 times more likely to die of cancer while men were 1.4 times more likely, compared with those without schizophrenia. Only 26.3% of the men with schizophrenia who died of cardiovascular disease had been diagnosed before their deaths, compared with 43.7% of the men who did not have schizophrenia.

“It is unacceptable that such a vulnerable group of people, who also have extensive documented contact with the health service, should die prematurely of conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer – diseases that should be preventable,” says Professor Sundquist. “A much greater degree of diagnostic and preventive measures could be put in place for this vulnerable group in our society.”


Even with mental health issues that are not primarily treated with medication(in many cases) life expectation is low . For example I quote from this article on personality disorder:

Personality disorder is described as having an impact for all medical practitioners; with an estimated loss of life expectancy of 18-19 years for men and women respectively.

I think lifestyle factors influenced by symptoms comes into play as much as medication effects. Judging by the 18-19 years I won’t be posting here for much longer.

I have a feeling that I wont make it to 65 years old - Its sad really

I know that due to the medications and the illness, I had premature gray hair, extremely premature cataracts, and even extremely premature, “the Change.” I don’t care what the statistics say. It is true that those with sz had probably not getting the proper medical care for many reasons. HOWEVER, I PLAN TO LIVE TO 100 YEARS, EVEN LONGER, MAYBE BECOME IMMORTAL!!! My own problem is : in the depths of psychotic thought, I sometimes think, feel, believe, and even say I am 100 years old. I hope that this doesn’t trick my mind. I DO PLAN THIS LONG LIFE TO 100 YEARS AND BEYOND TO IMMORTALITY!!! IT IS MY SOUL’S DESTINY!!! Although, I don’t dye my hair.

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If your diabetic consider getting of the meds seriously.

My blood sugar is now stable at less than six. Just two months earlier I was measured routinely between 6.5 and 9.

The only difference is not taking the Invega Sustenna.

I hope more improvements will come.

I know the meds caused me harm. But to prove that in court is almost impossible. I just dream about that, since I feel I have been mistreated.


Hey, it’s an average, not a rule!

@Hatty You’re right but my pessimism meter is running at full speed .

I think you need to pop to the library and borrow a few books on CBT! That knocks pessimism on the head. Anyway, it’s Spring! Go out and look at a few daffs in the local park. I did that today. I’m totally perked up!

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It’s cuz schizophrenia persons smoke and don’t workout don’t be a statistic

I know we all been caused harm one way or another. It sucks. We are so like our “four-legged friends.” We are so vulnerable. Will anyone rescue us like they do our “four-legged friends?” Will anyone find treatments that are good for us rather than hurt us so much? I had to stop taking my Invega over the weekend because it was causing my throat to make scary noises and I was afraid it would close up and I wouldn’t be able to breathe. I am now off all the crazy meds and neither my throat or nose are making noises when I lie down in the evening. I am taking vitamin b6 at bedtime and vitamin b12 at breakfast. I am finally getting my dreams back slowly but surely. I see my therapist on Thursday and I’ll tell him about the meds. I have been taking meds for years and I’m finally getting tired of what are doing to my body and mind. I have heard of CBT and when the pdoc thought I had borderline personality disorder she tried to get me involved; but I couldn’t afford the cbt group every week. I think I had a book on it once; but, lost it. Does anyone know how it helps sz and bp; and not just personality disorders? I guess I have been sort of skeptical of it. I don’t have to feel normal or even well all the time. I just want the bulk of the pain caused by both the diseases and the meds to go away so I can be a part of life again. Is that too much too ask of Spirit, the Universe, and the Goddess?

I gave it some thought as to why we would even want to get old like everyone else. So I told my doctor that if I were ever dying from some grave illness that I had brought upon myself due to my bad habits that I would refuse treatment other than any comfort that could be given on my way out. So, I have come to the conclusion that it is simply our instincts to survive anything that would befall us because Life is all we really know and are aware of our being sure that it still can be enjoyed.

Grey kitten don’t take supplements they cause cancer workout every day and don’t smoke don’t worry

I’m surprised no ones mentioned the “suicide” factor. I remember a post way back by @SZAdmin saying that life expectancy of those who take their meds is far better than those who don’t.

Yeah it’s not fair we have to take meds with physical side-effects but it’s better than the alternative I believe.

There’s also the risk of alcohol and cigarette abuse we seem to have that can cause us to live shorter.

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The research seems to show the opposite.

I think they are still trying to figure this out - but it could be because they include people who don’t get treatment and who live on the street (very poor prognosis and lifespan there), and perhaps also, sadly, the people who take their lives.

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Im sorry, but I don’t trust the research

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If it’s death cardiovascular it’s from poor hygiene smoking drinking and bad foods what don’t you trust?

Its the ■■■■■■■ meds - get real.

It sure seems to me that the medications cause a general weakening of the body that makes us more prone towards a lot of different diseases. I know I would be a lot stronger physically if I didn’t take medications. Before I was put on med’s any time I felt like it I could do 2,000 repititions on the jump rope and never miss. Now it’s hard to do 200. I live around a lot of sz’s and sza’s. It’s surprising how many of them have COPD and have to use breathing machines. Most of them are about my age - 56. I think the med’s increase the bad effects of smoking on sz’s. There is a surprising number of diabetics here too. It seems like a lot of us age pre-maturely.

It’s addictions it’s part of the illness

Antipsychotics particularly cause cardiovascular issues and metabolic issues - its a well known fact.
My pdoc was brutally honest with me, she said that she is hesitant in prescribing me new meds, because of my metabolic and liver issues.

The meds do a lot of good , but honestly are toxic for the body - Ive been taking meds since the 70s - I know the damage that they can cause - my liver, kidneys, metabolism and sexual functioning have all taken a big hit because of the meds - I am not anti meds, but I like to be honest about these things