My delusion

I think everybody should treat me with respect.


It should be this way according to humanism. Also you deserve it, 77nick77.

So if I treat you with respect, does that make me part of the conspiracy? :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you have a reason for it?

I’m only human…

That’s obvious and is not a delusion, I thought you may know yourself as someone capable of doing great things or have done great things and you need to be respected by all because of those, this is my point.

Yeah, I realize that it’s impossible to get respect across the board. I don’t deserve to be treated like an animal though. I see your point though. No, I was not destined for greatness.

yes, that’s right, however I think you write great posts here, where do you think you have been treated like an animal?, It made me sad that you have used this word"animal".

I think people should be treated with respect as well.

But I have to settle for enjoying the respect from people who I respect. My sis, my boss, my other brothers who are pulling themselves together.

When I’m walking down the street and people I don’t know don’t treat me with respect… well I don’t know them at all so I try not to let that bother me.

When I’m getting treated poorly by people who I know… Well, I know them and then I understand why they are acting the way they are acting… so I try not to let that bother me.

@77nick77 who’s not respecting you?