People think I'm nasty and dangerous everywhere I go

After my first break I was fearful of having another one, and I did something stupid to try to prevent what caused me to have my first break and I believed at worst I would get taken to the hospital for medication for the psychosis. Now everywhere I go, live, work or go out etc., people treat me with disdain or disbelief and wherever I am working at I have to resign, because they don’t want me there. I’m not wanted anywhere and I’m being stalked and harassed.

How am I supposed to live, work and play after a public psychotic episode? Everyone knows me. My reputation is ruined and people are always going to think I am dangerous and scary.

Unfortunately with this illness you have to reality check things that seem true. Ask yourself what is the evidence that supports this? What did that person say and can it be taken another way? These are types of questions I reality check with people I trust. You have to be open to the evidence. I could be completely off here but all or none thinking you have to question. Good luck. Keep posting. :sunny: