Advise me if you can please

i have a social worker to go to but there’s a problem i need to seek advise on and maybe someone here has ideas.

she is kind and helpful insightful and smart. however whenever i complain about other people being nasty i.e. at work or in the community she says i am delusional and it isn’t real.

i believe it is as real as daylight.

what should i do? this aspect of treatment is the opposite of supportive but i need the other aspects that she provides.

any advise? judy

Only u know if it’s real or not but also you can’t trust your mind. So it’s hard to say.

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That’s a tough one. Regardless of whether the people are really being nasty or you’re having delusions, your social worker should be supportive and help build you up. Dismissing all concerns as delusional seems counterproductive. But I don’t know you or your case.

I like to use a rule of 3s when I do reality testing. If one person is rude to me, they were a jerk. If two people are rude to me, I’m just getting unlucky. If three people are rude to me, I have to acknowledge that the problem is likely me and my own perceptions.


I like to reality check with people who were with me and are aware of the scenario.

Say I’m with my fiancée and I think someone was rude to me, I’ll ask her. Get her opinion.

If it feels like the whole world is being nasty to me, then I rationalize it’s probably something wrong in my brain that’s making me believe these things.

Sometimes the best thing I can do is to let it go, not dwell on people being rude and not nice, and focus on the people who are nice to me.

Wishing you some relief


Echoing what @Ooorgle said, if it seems like most people are being mean to you, it is likely a delusion, even though it seems real.

A chronically stressed mind has a tendency of inventing threats.


in my belief system, the situation is occupying my mind much too much but still the situation is very very real. judy

I was seeing a pdoc that it seemed he began with the assumption I was self deluded. I think a number of pdoc’s are quick to conclude that their patients are deluded. In a lot of cases I think psych patients are deluded, but I think pdoc’s should grant more to the patient than that.

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I had similar on my clinic letter the other day, saying i was isolating myself from psychotic anxiety and paranoia.But the trouble is there really is arseholes out their that either take the piss and call me a nutter - or think they can tax me for money, just cos ive got an MI, cos they think im thick.

So its not paranoia in my case - its bloody true! One bloke had me round the neck one day. And they wonder why i only go out unless i have to.

I know when im being paranoid for gods sake - ive had years of practice!


Can you describe the details to us or her?

When I was saying I was concerned that people at my work thought I was crazy, my NP did reality test to see why I thought that. I have a very likely reason for that concern – some of what I did is available online and a previous co-worker came across it. It could help you with clarity.

Sorry about the social worker being unsupportive. I am taken aback by the attitude that professionals can take toward anyone with delusions. It can be so patronizing or dismissive at times.

quijas6, thanks for your support. i’ll not get into the details now but thanks, judy :grin: :sweat_smile:

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cough once for yes, twice for no, three times for ok

Back in the days when the whole world was hateful and rude towards me, I believe they really were all against me. My ex husband and my niece verified that people were being rude to me.

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