People from your past


I have someone from college i went to school with that we didn’t get along that great. I don’t hate her but i’d rather not ever see her again. The thing is she lives like a a few houses down from me now. Her back windows look into my backyard!! I think she knows that i live where i do and she is smart so i would think she knew where i lived when she bought the house. She was the ra in my college and knew i was from my town. She even rides her bike in the summer by my house a couple of times now that i have seen… Am i the only one that thinks this is weird?? I find it annoying.

If i were here i would at least ride my bike in a different direction. LOL there tons of paths and places to ride.

I just would rather move away so i don’t bump into people from my past. No hard feelings or anything but it’s annoying and weird. If i were buying a house I wouldn’t buy if i didn’t like someone that lived nearby. oh well.


Don’t move because of your neighbor…just try not to talk to her but if you have to just be polite. No big deal.


I wanted to move anyways. I’ve wanted too for along time. This just seals the deal. But it won’t be any time soon. I will be of course polite if i talk to her.


This wasn’t someone from my past, but I had an awful neighbor who had dog’s that would scatter trash in our yard (we had to build a fence to keep them out). At night he’d get in fights with his girlfriend and chase her to her car in his underwear.


Yeah i have crappy neighbors besides that too. I think it’s really my paranoia shining through as to why it bothers me actually. Like my mom said she probably doesn’t even think any thing of it. Oh well. It is what it is. :slight_smile: thanks. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: I have a character quota to fill.


In August I got on a Greyhound bus at 6:30 AM. The driver kept waving at me saying my name. Turned out she was my public school bully from grade 4- grade 8. Then we stopped off at a Wendy’s restaurant for a bite to eat 2 hours later. She had the nerve to sit beside me acting like she was in grade 4 again. :person_frowning: :persevere:


That would be awful and a long trip!!!


I am really glad I have the memory problems I do, otherwise I might be a lot more nervous. People come up to me and say…

J your still alive… Do you remember that one time when… ???

No, I hardly remember last year and I really don’t remember who you are. I really don’t remember more then about 10 people from anything before three years ago.


thanks for commenting that. :slight_smile: Your not alone in wishing you could forget the past. :slight_smile:


I moved away from the towns that I went to school in and I don’t run into anybody that I grew up with. Sometimes I wonder what happened to the people but I’m pretty happy just being by myself.


Ok, I confess… there was ONE person who I did remember, and I didn’t like him so really laid on the “memory wipe” he was so freaked out by the end of the conversation… He then felt sort of bad.

He was all, "How do you not remember, I did (example a & b) I just kept looking at him passively and saying, “Nope, sorry, doesn’t ring a bell. Sorry you pick on sick people.” He got really agitated and saying, “Come one… how do you not remember?”

I just kept shrugging and saying, “I have no idea what your talking about. You are so weird to do that to a sick kid. I hope you got help who ever you are… bye”

Evil laugh as I walked away… I did enjoy that.


I don’t run into people from my past, as I went to high school in Michigan, and now I live in Pennsylvania. I would hate to run into all of those bullies.


that’s a great idea! for you it works well because you tell people you have a mental illness. :slight_smile: i’d love to say that to a lot of people from my past!! LOL


i wasn’t popular in school either and was picked on. I had a sister though with a lot of friends so that protected me to a point for a lot of years but not entirely.


I used to run into the assholes from that catholic school I went to for my freshman year of high school, but word was that I was a straight edge krav maga badass so the joke was on them. I was athletic as hell and I knew friggin street fighting, so they had nothing to say and ignored me. It felt good to have that reputation for a couple years.

Every now and then I see someone from high school at the uni and they have probably heard about my condition and about my recovery, so it’s good to know that I have a good reputation still. They probably heard something like “schizophrenic but hes on meds now and is into powerlifting and is a full time psych major”. Feels good to be healthy.


glad you are doing well mortimerous. nice story. :slight_smile: