People from my real life in my mind

I read a post about someone who had he same problem, people from your real life bothering you all day long. It’s getting pretty old at the moment. I am trying geodon, but I’ve been taking it for a week and I can still hear voices. I was wondering what meds people have had luck not hearing voices with. I am on geodon because my weight gain on seroquel and invega sastena (sp) were awful. They went away, but came back when I started smoking weed again. I’ve done two detoxes since my last time I smoked weed and I sill hear them. I did another drug but I am not gonna say what since I think my mom goes on these boards. But like I said, I did the second detox after I stopped because I am tired of hearing voices.
The voices are gross, they say things of sexual nature that are too much for me to handle, I almost want to quit my job so I can stay away from people. They say things about like pedophilia, its so nasty, just that kids are hot and stuff, but I am still majorly disturbed by them. I am thinking at this point, weight gain won’t be that big of a deal to get some peace and normalcy. What about the voices you hear? Are they real people too? Mine is an ex bf, who “watched” (through my eyes) as I was sexually assaulted (which is why I think my voices say stuff about sex.), one of his friends, sometimes people from high school, people from tv shows I watch, and sometimes coworkers that encourage me to commit suicide. I just want it to stop. They say the good tips, or when I make a lot of money, is because they want me to kill myself.
I contacted my ex and asked him if him and his friend were bothering me and he said no. But I still kinda believe it is real. They follow me around all day and keep me up at night. If I wake up to go to the bathroom they’ll keep me up the rest of the morning. They say stuff and make it sound like me. I just want help now.

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i do not do meds so can’t comment on that.
but doing weed or any drug with sz is not a good idea, our minds are distorted already…we don’t need more confusion !!
as for voices saying horrible, disgusting things, yes it is disturbing when such things enter into our minds but when this happens i try to distract myself with the knowing that i am a kind and loving person, and positive things like that.
take care


I’m sorry for everything you’ve been experiencing. I’ve experienced a lot of the same. I wish I had the right words to encourage you but I can’t find them right now because I’m going through the same. I can encourage you to pray, try another med that works, and find someone to talk to…hang in there better days and moments are ahead of you

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When I wasn’t doing well my voices were vial and disturbing and the worst one was the voice of my kid sister when she was about 6 or 7. Even had the little lisp. That was the disturbing sexually explicit one. I would physically throw up sometimes when that voice came out to play.

But as I stabilized, got therapy, and other coping tools the voices have faded and now they only amp up when I’m stressed.

You are a kind a loving person and there is help. There are meds, there are forms of therapy. You need to talk to your doc so you can get back to stable and start feeling better.

I’m rooting for you.

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Obvious maybe, but quit smoking weed.


I think I wrote stopped and did two detoxes. Good job reading though.

Good save on the edit. :wink:

I have voices of my friends in my head all the time. Loud music sort of helps by distracting me but they are still there. I know the person that’s voice I’m hearing is connected to the actual person either consciously or subconsciously. If that made sense. And it is god damn annoying! I’m on meds so I am tolerating it but they’re there still even with seroquel. So not only will I constantly be monitered allll day but when I see the person I feel like they never left. And when someone doesnt talk to me if I call or text their voice tells me they’re busy with more important things than me. Gah verbally bashed all the time I have no confidence. And other voices will say racist sexist etc things and in my head I just say ew, wtf is wrong with you? Then they get quiet because I didn’t get upset like they wanted so they hide out waiting for another inappropriate thing to say to me to try and make me hate myself. But I know I’m not the one being gross or mean. So yeah, voices suck they suck really bad. Tried lots of meds to no avail or ‘cure’

Meds don’t work, someone wants revenge becuz they’re outcasts now, and they try to make u feel shitty when they tell jokes, watch out for it taking over ur personality, sorry

what do you mean by someone wants revenge?

When I was in the mental hospital, I’d here voices that seemed to be family members or people I’d worked with. Later, I came to realize that it was just the same voice trying to mimic those people. The voice had me fooled for quite awhile.


Interesting, so they’re all stemming from one single voice? I have yet been able to have this or even any realization about them and am interested

So one, but the voice is someone from my past. They’re usually wrong, one night my boss was making salads and walked away but I didn’t see it and they said ‘I’m over here making salads’ I looked over and no one was there.then they said they were sitting at the bar and I did and o one was there, that’s when I realized that the one voice was making it up. They slip up from time to time and it calms me down.

I found that it is one voice with the ability to sound like who ever it wants to. It would mimic politicians or people I know. It had me fooled for a long time. Give it enough time and you will probably see that too. It will slip up eventually. The voice quit trying to sound like people I know for years now.

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Isn’t it weird it does that? Tonight it told me my ex friend called into work cause I was going there, and I asked if he worked there it turns out he doesn’t. It told me it might stop bc there’s no point since its always wrong. Pretty funny. It was so quiet this morning and I thought about it mimicking the voices on family guy and I guess it called it out. One of my voices seems like a pedophile (I’m stuck saying ‘ew gross,’ to it all day) and bc on that ‘Ben stiller’ was telling me not to watch little fockers and his dad in law in the movie bc of that and something else said he was gonna make a movie about me. I hate my voices.

I’m sorry. I really feel this is true for me. I thought it would be true for others as well.

i don’t hear people i know very often at the moment but i used to hear them all the time. when i gave up believing that the voices were the real people telepathically harassing me, they kinda gave up too. now it’s just famous people both dead and alive pertaining to b telepathic with me but i don’t believe in it. they r just splinter personalities from my own mind, doing impressions of all these people. i doubt that most of these people even know i exist. feel for anyone that has to put up with voices day and night. it’s awful.

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Yeh, my voices insist they are humans, but not in direct explicit statements. But everything they communicate reinforces their humanity. However they started off claiming they were Ghosts. To summarize 28 years of work and pain, I utilized journals and notes to increasingly eliminate impossibilities, and after 28 years, all that was left was that they are humans. However, getting to this first principle requires explicit cogency that this conclusion is a delusion, even though it is not.

It is strange with medication how terrible it makes you feel. I know from other people that marijuana is not a good drug to take. But, there are other alternative ways to treat mental illness like my psychiatrist mentioned meditation, exercise, and diet and a healthy, low stress environment.

I know you just wanted to be heard, me too. When I tell my problems to someone I care about and they don’t understand and think it is in my head I lose my patience.