People around me, they are so Happy!

Everyone around me seems so Happy.

It’s the Holiday Season, family members are all in the spirit, they are laughing, joking, getting involved with each other.

My aunt is so cheery lately, she is trying to cheer me up, but I don’t want nothing to do with it - my depression is still pretty deep.

I just don’t want to be bothered - I’m basically house bound and glued to my couch.

Don’t mean to be a downer so much, just venting a bit with others that understand.


This the season to be jolly! When others around you are positive and engaging with each other, it takes attention away from oneself, which I think is a good thing.

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i just try my best to get by, its hard sometimes, i get ups and downs and it can change so quickly,

i am probably more sz/aff than p/sz now thanks to meds but i’d rather have sz/aff tbh

can’t be bothered getting my diagnosis changed though, don’t care about the name really

idk what to say to you to make you feel better just that you are not alone, take care.

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:hamster: hug
take care :alien:


It’s the holiday season. Some part of the world is summer, some celebrating it in winter. Don’t feel bothered. Your family just want you to join them in their happiness. If you like to stay at home then stay there and enjoy. But you know what sometimes we must listen to the people who are sincere with us and only want our happiness. If someone honestly trying to cheer you up, be thankful to them. Smile and try blending yourself with the season.


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I get that all the time @Wave… In my case there’s some dp/dr in the mix. I think others will always be happier than me, but it’s our perspectives that are clouded. We can be content, happiness is over rated and in our cases can become mania… It helps me knowing that I like myself no matter what. Self compassion helps a lot, look it up on wikipedia.


I know where you’re coming from @Wave. These holidays took (still are taking?) a toll on me. I’m being as strong as I can, but it’s been one damn thing after another. Endless parties, lots of kids coming this way and that, visits from family and friends, and lots of out-and-about store-hopping. My defenses are starting to crack. Time for me to dial it back.

I’m truly sorry you feel so paralyzed by the overwhelming nature of the past couple of weeks. I’ve been there too. About 7 years ago, the only socializing I could do was limited to an hour a week. I hid in my room, slept, and lost a couple of jobs due to poor attendance and lack of motivation. I finally gave up and got onto SSDI. It has helped alleviate a lot of stress and my negative symptoms are reduced to almost zilch.

I think what I’m trying to say is try venturing a little out of your comfort zone a little at a time. Do something that is enjoyable, but maybe not entirely comfortable. I remember you once talking with me about football, and you came close to watching a NY Giants game. Maybe watch the second half of a game, or call someone and chat for a few minutes. Then build it up a little at a time, and I mean very slowly. Like an additional hour of exposure to “the thing” per year. Sometimes it takes a little self-motivation. You know what they say…if you don’t like things in your life, change it up. You sound kinda down in the dumps. Do something or be around someone that brings you up. Go slow. I’m not telling you to “snap out of it,” because all of us who have/had depression realizes that “snapping out of it” is not applicable and virtually impossible. One day at a time. Hope you can find something useful in what I’ve said. I care about you, I truly do. If not, I would not have put the time and effort in to this post. Feel free to PM me at any time if you’d like to chat. I’m on your side.


I don’t wanna be bothered either. My direct and indirect family gets mad me because I so hard to understand if i’m not zoning out for hours at a time no one is even really there so they seem mad and no one wants to talk to me at school and at places I go or home everyone thinks i’m crazy so i don’t have relationships more

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My blues is back. I stopped smoking the 30th and the 31st like a dream. I just said. “no” and just like that. I quit cold turkey. I smoked January 1st. If I’m going to live decently this month on what I make I have to stop tomorrow. Just like that, I know I can do it because I HAVE to do it.

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I don’t comprehend partying.

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A couple of things have been happening to me.

Starting in early Autumn my depression started back up again, it got pretty severe - it got a little better, then it got worse again.

Add the Holidays to the mix and family guests like my 2 Aunts sleeping over my house at seperate times for over a week each and the pressure mounts.

If I wasnt so depressed, I would be able to handle these social settings a little better.

I have to keep reminding myself that I have a serious mood disorder and I cannot allow the depression to linger when it comes. Honestly I have been avoiding taking any kind of antidepressant type drug - it always makes me manic and psychotic and anxious, but maybe its time I go on something for the depression, I can no longer avoid it.

The depression is not going away on its own, Im always depressed it seems - im tired of trying to figh it.

I see my pdoc in less than 2 weeks.

Thanks for the advice and support guys - I really appreciate it.


Hello,can anything be of any help?It won’t be too good to stay at home for long time and feeling depressed…have you thought of going to therapy or places you would like to go?

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My psychiatrist mentioned that I may have to go on Lithium last time I saw her - if my depression worsens - this means that I have to have my Thyroid closely monitored and my Kidneys closely monitored - Last time I was on lithium I developed Hypothyroidism. Im not really looking forward to going on it, she is aware of the risks.

Before I go back on lithium, I would try Methyl Folate but starting at a lower dose, Im very sensitive to meds.

Im already seeing a psychologist (therapy)

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Good luck,I believe you don’t do drug,gamble or excessive drinking now,you will only go better

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Some people want you to be happy,

but other people just want you to be cheerful.


I take klonopin for my anxiety and it helps my depression as well. But my doc said its not a long term thing the klonopin. I need to get on an anti depressant to stop my anxiety. Funny how that works both ways.

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I hope you feel better soon… the holidays are hard to deal with…

I don’t think people are as happy as they seem… this is just me… but it’s like they are all fake happy because they were all brought up to be super happy during the coldest and darkest months of the year.

Having a few people around just being cool is great… but all the super happy seems to make me more flat and down.

I always wonder… are people really that happy to have to hang out with all the extended family and the friends… and the other… or are they just obligated…

This is a very weird time of year…

Again… I’m glad your talking to your doc and keeping an eye on the moods and like always… have a plan.

Good luck in the new year.

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