People and my brain

For a long time I have always had someone in my mind when I do things like for example I drink some Coke then someone pops into my head,this is something I have lived with for a long time,does anyone else experience this?

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I get a whole village in my brain. The caffiene in the Coke probably stimulates it. Caffiene makes my voices more annoying.


Automatic thoughts can be triggered by your senses that tap into your memory if you have high senses try aromatherapy

it is 24/7 for me… voices…seeing stuff…
but my alien is entertaining… !?! :blush:
take care :alien:

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One of my voices I refer to as the commentator.

chatter chatter all day long… stupid stuff like… “J is drinking water… why water, now he’s going for the coffee… hummm… three sips of coffee… why?”

It gets silly and annoying… it’s in “golf commentator” sort of voice… it used to drive me up the wall…

Then I upped my Latuda from 60 mg to 80mg and now I don’t hear any of my voices much any more.


All neurostimulants have a potential to induce all types of positive sz symptoms.

My brain, a revolving door of people, voices, and me tossed in the mix.
Better than TV…and no bill to pay at the first of the month.


It happens, a lot of times. What do you think it’s the cause? I believe it can be a product of our own desires or experiences. Sometimes I found myself talking in my mind… Creating an audience, that it’s hearing a speech that I’m giving… Maybe I want to be heard…!!! I don’t know. The only thing I know is that the mind is so powerful that it creates it’s own mechanisms to deal with literally everything…!!! Understanding our minds is the challenge. For me, it’s the most interesting challenge. I don’t know if this offends someone, but for me, mind is soul, mind is god…and it’s in me, so it’s reachable…!!! :blush:

Why? Are you not on med?

If you are new here most will tell you to stabilize with med. Good luck.

Especially @csummers you are old enough now where you know better. It’s quite a shame.

I am on 120mg of Geodon and I still have my voices to an extent- they’re worse at night and when I wake up. When I wake up, theyre ■■■■■■■ going crazy and it’s meds time, like four meds and oatmeal and whey like boom fried that brain.

I have three voices- one two and three- voice one is a female who is a bitch and commentates on me and gives me commands which I usually avoid because theyre dangerous and I am not stupid, but actually she looks out for me at times like gave me answers to GRE math questions and well I checked the math and she was right. Voice two is a douchebag of a guy, he’s an ■■■■■■■ who also commentates and often seems to be punitive of my actions. Three is the savior- three is former me- me when I was 17. I hear that nasal voice of a naive and noble boy and I never find him at fault- he is the voice of reason and order. He often gives me kudos or tells me to not to certain things or tells me to do good things. For example, I was running one time at the park when I was unmedicated at age 19 and I started my run at a fast pace (I was smaller and could run faster, now I am muscle-bound and not much of a runner more of a jogger) and he firmly said “Don’t stop.” I finished five miles then did a roll on the grass in the park. In Krav Maga they taught me how to roll (somersault) from running really fast.

I used to practice rolls in my backyard after they trained me in them- back then I was more athletic, less bulky (I have a power physique now, big thighs and thick chest, big ass, literally big glutes that make me not fit in jeans) and I remember they did this drill at the Krav place where they stacked pads and put a dummy gun behind them, had me run, dive and roll and catch the gun and stand up ready to use it, or hopefully tap and rack it (drop the clip and unload the chamber). Tap and rack is controversial- do you really want to just make a gun practically not a gun if your life is in danger? It’s illegal to shoot someone unless your life in being threatened.

Wow I got derailed after being detailed.

Diligence should do away with this same time same med and the waiting game. Sorry you’re suffering might be your choice.

You know what? I’m not schizophrenic. I’m just a person fascinated by a lot of things that are being said in this forum. I thought that people like me (without schiz), sometimes makes u guys feel uncomfortable just for the fact that most of us doesn’t understand schiz. I have read a lot of post of the feeling of rejection that some people with schizophrenia feels. But right now, and maybe being stupid enough, I’m the one feeling rejected. It’s ok. Maybe I’m “not allowed” …and is human expected behavior what you are doing. The thing is, that in my maybe weird mind, I thought that this forum was like an oasis…judgement free…!!! Sorry for my intrusion…!!! Hope u and everyone here the best…!!! You guys are awesome…!!! :slight_smile:️

And sorry for my English… My first language is Spanish so I’m doing my best :grin:

People don’t realize how easy it is but thanks for your observations.

Anyone see that hand that just went passed my face?

Are you shaming me?

For What?

Not being on meds?

Just for you I will gather the list of meds I’ve been on since 1996,
none of which the benefits outweighed the risks…

Meds aren’t the answer for everyone, if they help you, consider yourself lucky.

Some of us were just born this way, throw in a few ruthless, manipulation self serving individuals bent on destroying our spirit, and maybe we have a different way of coping with adversity that makes others think a pill will cure us of our ills.

The shame really, is in believing it’s my choice to be this way if I don’t prescribe to the pharmaceutical cure.

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This place is far from being “judgement free.”

Welcome to the forums!
…and please keep posting here,
it’s always good to have many different views to keep things fresh.

Nothings worse than dying by stagnation.

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Nice one-liner, but…

cut me some slack,
I had to pee something fierce.


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