People and my brain

OK I’m just not so sure that you don’t want satisfaction from being crazy.

It says a lot to people here who are trying to recover through therapy and meds.

Don’t mind me I’m just a bitch because I’m in pain all the time

Wait until you all see the list of all the meds I have been prescribed that failed to bring any relief of my symptoms.
I’m not trying to be difficult, nor would I discourage anyone in any way from seeking a pharmaceutical fix.
Wish there was a med for me, but seems my genetics just don’t want to cooperate in any way.

I’m in a lot of pain too today, part from a headache, arthritis (?)in my hands, hypothyroid (which I took meds for 4 years but had to quit last year for lack of insurance-

and the “low cost” clinic would charge me $110 for the Dr write me a prescription for a $10/3mo. supply.
Or I could pay $632 for a “regular” Dr visit (+$296 for labs=$928 every 3 months) for the same $10 prescription.

Way beyond my limited budget-
Won’t even consider asking how much the psych meds would be.

So again,
I’m NOT against meds.
I’m not in a $ position to do the trial and error with psych meds, god forbid if things went very wrong and I would need to be hospitalized…
imagine the financial horror to follow.

I’m sorry your in pain all the time, I do understand, really I do, and I apologize if I come across as offensive,
very sorry @Daze if I did.

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Mental health is every bit important as physical health and I’ve tried every me too don’t think there is no use trying are you on affordable care act?