Pdoc today - I'm depressed

My pdoc was going to leave things as they were until the nurse started talking about her daughter who has ADHD and her difficulties at school and I, for whatever reason starting crying and saying how sad it was. Then the pdoc found out how tearful I’ve been and she decided it might be time to try a new anti-depressant. So I’m stopping the Lexapro and starting the Zoloft. She wants to be able to raise the dose and apparently you can go higher on the Zoloft. She says Zoloft is one that works well for OCD type symptoms just like the lexapro, so that’s a plus. It will take the edge off the odd behaviors maybe. And hopefully the Zoloft will stop this depression before it gets too bad for me to function normally.


Good thing that nurse was chatty!

Zoloft really helped with my OCD and related anxiety when I took it,

Hopefully it’ll work well for you.

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I’m sorry you’re so depressed, but I’m glad your doctor noticed and was able to help. I hope the zoloft really works for you!

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