Anyone taking anti depressants?

Anyone taking anti depressants? I find it hard to function with day to day tasks and feel sad and depressedall the time. Will anti d’s help?


I feel similar and people used to ask me all the time if I don’t need an antidepressant but my pdoc’s never put me on one bcuz I had mixed hypomania too.

The best advice is speak with your pdoc


I am on a very, very small dose of Zoloft. Like @Hadeda i get hypomanic, so the pdoc had to back me off the dose i was on. I guess, at the right dose, it helps me, even though it may be time to go up on the dose again as i’m starting to have some depressive symptoms. Will it help you or not? That’s something you’re better off talking to your pdoc about. Good luck.


I’m on sertraline. It does help but it is not a happy pill. It’s worth asking if you feel depressed there is some help for it.

I take Wellbutrin 200mg and it has helped a lot with my depression and even negative symptoms. Before everything seemed so daunting and exhausting now it seems a little bit easy and normal.

10mg citalopram

Not a single ■■■■ given

neither sad nor happy, just stable in the middle

I’m on a very low dose of amitriptyline

I take Paroxetine as it is my favourite antidepressant, it can help with depression and anxiety, but don’t think that ssri’s are happy pills.

I take 10 mg of Lexapro.

I’m on cymbalta, but I don’t find that it helps me with day to day tasks.

I take Zoloft 200 mg

For me: no. I dislike the feeling of antidepressants. If I had to describe their effect in one word, it would be: indifference. On Efexor I couldn’t even cry when someone real close to me died. And withdrawal was hell, psychosis, mood swings. I rather go through the sadness now. I don’t have permanent depression though, but periods of ups and downs. Exercise and good diet are supposed to be better and longer lasting measures against depression than an AD, or so they say.

Yeah it sucks, sometimes something bad happens and I just don’t care, that’s not how a human beings should be, life is plain while on AD.

@Bokeh. Sorry to hear that. :frowning: Sometimes there is no other option than meds though, if you have tried all other things. But perhaps you can still get off them one day?

Yea but I already got off AP, so far I’m feeling ok, just 3 days off it, I’m still on AD but maybe I can quit that too if my pdoc says so, I wanna know how life is without drugs.

I’m the same. I keep on hoping I can ever get off meds. I’m still on a tiny bit of AP now and this too makes me indifferent. If I can ever get off it I’ll throw the biggest party of my life. I’ve quit benzo’s and AD before, but the haldol… hm… not sure if it’s ever going to work out well. It’s more important to be a safe and stable person to the people I love, than to be medfree… :slight_smile:

If you just quit your AP, don’t mess with the AD for a long while… one medication withdrawal at once is more than enough! Hope it works out fine for you. Your pdoc advised you to quit the antipsychotic?

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Yes, following my pdoc’s order, I was on a low dose of Abilify, just 3 days off, I hope I never have to take it again.

Well good luck!

I take 20mg prozac. It helps most of the time. My doctors were concerned about putting me on it because it can interfere with my antipsycotics, but nothing really happened.

Yes. I’m on Citalopram. Schizophrenia makes me feel so sad and this antidepressant helps me not to be so negative.