Anyone have any idea why im on two anti depressants when pdoc says im not depressed?

Im super confused about this. Anyone have any ideas?

What are you on, and do you think you’re depressed?

Venlafaxine 150mg and prozac 20mg

No im definitly not depressed 100% sure. Im a bit low but its a normal reaction to the stressors in my life

Sometimes they’re used to treat OCD. I don’t know if you have OCD. Trust your doctors, they know far more than us.


Effexor is used as a nerve pain medication and antidepressant. Maybe he’s using it for the physical hand problem. Prozac can be a little stimulating helping with that low mood you have. But if you have concerns it might help to ask him directly. That’s what I plan on doing with my pdoc.


Prozac can be good for OCD and compulsive thinking.

It can be very good for some people.


I’m on one antidepressant and I’m not depressed. The antidepressant is why I’m not depressed, probably.

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Im having obssessional thoughts about the police and the hands (removing them) so yeah you could be right


I dont think i was ever depressed ive been on venlafaxine for 7 months but before then i was just low about the hands. The pdocs then said i had flat or blunted affect cant remember what one but maybe thats why they put me on them?

Word. Please people talk with your doctors and your pharmacists.

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Because they have to be seen to be doing something…

The same way they used to do ect and give out benzos like candy.

Then they become deluded that it works.

Realistically you need to work with a good clinical psychologist whilst they sort your meds out.

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Pdoc said shes changing my anti depressants so its algood thanks guys!

When I told my pdoc at the time that I didn’t feel happy on this medication I didn’t feel sad either. I just didn’t feel any emotion on this drug. She immediately wanted to put me on an antidepressant. I refused. These are negative symptoms of schizophrenia not depression. She didn’t seem to know what negative symptoms were anyway. Why don’t you ask your pdoc why you are on them?

I think it may be for the compulsive thoughts of removing the hands. They’re not working in fact I feel even more driven to get rid of them.