Pdoc put me on haldol


When they put me on zyprexa,I weighed 138. After about 4 months I was over 200lbs.I dont take much more than prozac.I hover arouelsend 200 now and I am 55. years old.Viibryd replaced the prozac and after being seriously allergic to viibryd am back to prozac.Has anybody else ever tried viibryd ?


Latuda is fine. The doctor keeps trying to put me on geodon but im done with medicines that cause harm to the body


i hear ya on that one hopefully lowering it to 20 mg will be ok for you


I’m on the haldol shot and it has worked for me for about 4 years…no side effects but I do sleep a lot.


I had be same delusions that people could read my mind. It’s so bad. How is weight loss working for you? I’m switching to Haldol and hope to lose weight as well.


Well it gave me some side effects that were bad so I got off of that I am zyprexa and seroquel