In October it will be 20 years since I fell to schizophrenia

It’s been a long hard road…when I first stabilized I was suicidal…couldn’t work as an architect anymore and my life seemed like it was over…nobody could cheer me up. In the first five years or so I was on risperdal and hated life…mainly due to sexual side effects…it took a new med to give me hope…I got on abilify and everything seemed ok, but I was still unstable on that med. I can’t believe that I have come this far. It blows me away how far I’ve come. For those who are early in diagnosis it does get better, you have to be patient and work with your pdocs and treatment teams to get better…don’t lose hope.


37 years for me. Hard to believe. My life is in a weird stage right now. I’m not relapsing but certain harsh realities about schizophrenia is changing my life and causing me duress. Oh well, it’s not the end of the world. That won’t happen until 2035 my sources tell me. We’re survivors alright.


Wise words! It’s a journey for sure and these days it’s not such an issue as it used to be. It’s better that we aren’t in institutions and some of us even have jobs/relationships/lives…Positivity can be hard to find and glad you got there Matey!


Me are suffering from 1994. Almost 23 years.

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@77nick77 wow 37 years…!! in 3 years we need to throw you a party !!

@rogueone yes I am glad I am not in a mental ward anymore…thanks !

@anon68148378 well I’m glad you are still here !! congratulations !!


This illness isn’t a death sentence and it isn’t an automatic strike out in everything in life unless you allow it to be.

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Well @jukebox, it is my question - why I am here? But it makes me emotional.