Could use a vacation

im so spoiled im used to taking off and going places with my parents 2 or 3 times a year but they’re busy with their new house move. mom says after they are settled in that we can maybe go to florida and visit my aunt carrol. im a little nervous about going and staying with carrol because I don’t know her very well, we’ve only met a couple times and haven’t seen her since grandma died, that was 20 years ago.

im thinking if we don’t go sometime in January I will just tough it out and stay here until spring. I decided not to travel during the summer and fall because the weather is so nice here during that time, but I do have some travel plans for next winter. I still have never been to Austin, tx. las vegas, san Francisco, new orleans, or Miami, fl. I will probably visit one or two of those cities next winter.

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