Passed souls

ya ever wonder, with all the people that pass away, why am i still here?

Good Question … ,

e(Y)e Tend to Wander Slightly Further and Want to Skip thus Purgatorio Called Life
(naught tha game , chill) … ,

e(Y)e Wonder , Usually to Myself , Cause No One Really Cares (OR) Understands What it is e(Y)e am Trying to Say … ,

Indifference (sadly sometimes) is a Good Friend of Myne … ,

So e(Y)e Wonder , WHY Are We Naught Already There (???) ,

Ya’know , Heaven and Shazz … ,

Then One Wanders his/her Eyeballs and Sees a Few Bad Apples that Cannot Quit being Irresponsibly DISK-HUSH-TING , in All Kinds of Ways … ,

Almost as if to Saye , “ok one more chance , don’t ■■■■ up” … ,

and They Always ■■■■ Up … ,

a Never-ending Spiral of Greender Grass that Doesn’t Even Exist … ,

So ,

In Short ,

WHY Didn’t We Start “there” to Begin With … ,

and thee Answer is Two , " LET IT BE " & " _______" (something my mynde jus erased) … ,

Coma Bullshizz … ,

have a Peaceful Day (OR) Nite .


Purgatorio is a Book , haha , Let’s All Jus Go on a Holiday (!!!)

(EDIT 2)

e(Y)e Actually Meant tha Gayme LIFE and Wasn’t Actually in Need of Correction … ,

Holiday STILL Stands .

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I feel like I’ve already died sometimes and this is the life after life… Like a world that was created just for me… It’s not perfect but I’m learning and growing from my past life slowly … I’m a whole new person since I’ve died…

I don’t know if I died or not… But I was born dead… And had a gun to my head than blacked out… This was during my first episode (some one robbed me)…

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I once asked a very depressed person a similar question and they broke down in tears. I was merely trying to refocus their mind into something less menacing. I mean the question for me is a very good question because it gives me hope that I have a purpose on this planet.

I haven’t lost anyone close to me, besides my mother. I don’t think I am ready for this question.

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Don’t worry about it. Your time will come evenually. Of course you realize that there are a couple of billion other people on this planet who could ask your same question about themselves. Life gets precarious sometimes. A big part of surviving this life is pure luck. Just be careful, and take normal precautions and you will probably outlive me.

In the eighties, when I was addicted to crack I used to hang out and get my drugs in a small town that had the highest murder rate of practically any other city in California. I prefer not to fight and to be honest, I can’t fight worth a damn anyway, but a few times when I was in crowded crack houses overnight with 6 or 7 total strangers. I pissed off everybody in there off by begging for hits and conning people for their drugs. , it was pure luck that no one got fed up and attacked me

In the four years I was addicted I got carjacked a couple of times, I got punched in the face, I got robbed etc. I’m just very lucky that I survived, with the chances I took in those days, I shouldn’t even be alive today. Everybody has survival stories. Me or you could step off the curb tomorrow and get run over by a bus and die or if we’re careful and take care of our health we can live another twenty or thirty years. Who knows? Life is a gamble but the idea is to minimize the risk of dying or getting seriously hurt. If we don’t do anything stupid our chances of survival are OK.


Yea, I’ve never had the conviction that its luck or fate. I think i am too stubborn for conviction because i try not to lie to myself and i just don’t trust anything in my lifes input from the outer illusion

You’re a great person HuckFinn, you’re here because you deserve to be here. Keep up with the positive attitude and don’t let the bad days drag you down.

Big hug

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Ty Minnii i appreciate it

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